Working from Home? Twenty Fast Tips


As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic cases have surged, so have the number of companies asking employees to work from home, with 46% of American businesses (Willis Tower) implementing remote-work policies as of mid-February.

This new reality for a majority of America’s workforce has curtailed travel and face-to-face meetings. The result is an increased usage of remote platforms to hold meetings, conduct training, and follow updates from co-workers.

Many American workers are starting to settle into their ‘new normal’ work environment—working from home (WFH). Having worked remotely for the past eight years, I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to foster a better and more productive remote working environment. 

  1. Establish a routine and stick to it. Try to schedule your week in advance and set goals for what you want to accomplish.  A routine can be empowering.
  2. Designate an office space. Make sure pets and other noises don’t interfere with business calls.
  3. Invest in maintaining good ergonomics. Have a comfortable chair and situate your monitor at the correct height for good posture and less strain on joints.
  4. Create ground rules for others sharing your environment. Have clear expectations for when you’re working.
  5. Value workplace aesthetics. Will you be making a lot of video calls? If so, what will others be viewing behind you? Make sure your workspace looks professional.
  6. Find places with natural lighting. Lighting is a crucial part of your workspace and can completely transform your mood throughout the day.
  7. Optimize technology you’ll need to work efficiently. Work with your company’s IT department to successfully set up your laptop, monitor, router, cell phone, headset, printer, etc.
  8. Follow strict guidelines for cyber risk. Less than half of WFH employees say they receive proper internet security training. Contact your IT department if you see something suspicious.
  9. Ask for assistance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your organization should support your WFH needs and want you to be successful.
  10. Mute your speaker. If you’re not the leader in an online discussion, your microphone should be muted. Background noises can be distracting for others in online meetings.
  11. Test software platforms ahead of time. Some companies are experiencing an overload to their systems causing issues for conference call meetings.
  12. Do a practice run. Make sure people can call into the correct phone line and your PowerPoint is working properly on the webinar software platform.
  13. Do not use personal devises for business. Check with your IT department for clarification of specific rules.
  14. Stay positive! Embrace the exclamation point and use your favorite emoji. Sometimes tone of writing can be misinterpreted.
  15. Reach out to colleagues to see how they’re doing. Just to hear a familiar voice over the phone or other collaboration platforms is very reassuring.
  16. Establish a cadence of regularly scheduled meetings. It is important for organizations to continue to go over goals, status updates, and any other relevant news.
  17. Stretch, go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors. Your body needs physical activity. Don’t lock yourself inside all day while you work.
  18. Be kind to yourself and set good boundaries. Don’t feel guilty to walk away from your computer if there are still unanswered emails.
  19. Get creative and have fun! It’s important to have some comic relief throughout the day. Have different competitions for video chats such as the best background or craziest hairstyle. And don’t be afraid to lean on team members for support.
  20. Have an attitude of gratitude. Mental resiliency and team building will strengthen the organization long after the pandemic has passed. Spend time daily being thankful.

Want more Tips or Advice on Best Practices?  Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Tammy Boyd, at e: or 913-515-2782.

By Tammy Boyd

Tammy Boyd is Vice President of Business Development at Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC, in Overland Park, KS. In her position, Tammy is leads and coordinates all sales efforts with internal Bardavon departments and is responsible for identifying and closing business development opportunities and driving revenue growth by forming meaningful relationships with new clients. Bardavon is an industry-leading, data analytics company focused on redefining Workers' Compensation with a mission to promote a culture of transparency in revolutionizing the employee continuum of care through innovative, quality outcome driven solutions.

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