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WorkersCompensation.com is the nation’s largest, most visited and most trusted source of essential services and information for the workers’ compensation community. We offer the latest news, event calendars, state rule and statute updates, as well as numerous other services built to help thousands of workers’ compensation professionals excel at their jobs every single day.

Offerings include Simply Research, our comprehensive multi-jurisdiction claim handling and compliance system. Simply Forms, a secure cloud library of jurisdictional forms that can be auto-completed from any claims system. Simply Claims Kits, providing digitized and downloadable posters and forms for customers of some of the largest insurance companies. And our CompGuideXML system, providing injury date-based payout rates for most jurisdictions.
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Our compliance research and forms products are backed by 85 years’ combined experience as adjusters, claims trainers, QA experts and state-certified CEU instructors. And for further confidence, our IT and Client Support Team has over 40 years of technical experience, specializing in security, API programming and HIPPA laws.

We’re always ready and available to answer your questions and provide support for our products and services.

The News Team

Our news team focuses exclusively on timely workers’ compensation legal issues, bringing decades of expertise from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds.

From local and national journalism, including Reuters and The New York Times as well as chambers of commerce positions, various committees and chairmanships, case employee advocacy, MSP solutions, dispute management, risk management and legal counsel.

  • Frank Ferreri

    News Editor

    Frank Ferreri, M.A., J.D. covers workers' compensation legal issues. He has published books, articles, and other material on multiple areas of employment, insurance, and disability law. Frank received his master's degree from the University of South Florida and juris doctor from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Frank encourages everyone to consider helping out the Kind Souls Foundation and Kids' Chance of America.

  • Liz Carey

    News Editor

    Liz Carey has worked as a writer, reporter and editor for nearly 25 years. First, as an investigative reporter for Gannett and later as the Vice President of a local Chamber of Commerce, Carey has covered everything from local government to the statehouse to the aerospace industry. Her work as a reporter, as well as her work in the community, have led her to become an advocate for the working poor, as well as the small business owner.

  • Chriss Swaney

    News Editor

    Chriss Swaney is a freelance reporter who has written for Antique Trader Magazine, Reuters, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, the Burlington Free Press, UPI, The Tribune-Review and the Daily Record.

  • F.J. Thomas

    News Editor

    F.J. Thomas has worked in healthcare business for more than fifteen years in Tennessee. Her experience as a contract appeals analyst has given her an intimate grasp of the inner workings of both the provider and insurance world. Knowing first hand that the industry is constantly changing, she strives to find resources and information you can use.

  • Claire Muselman

    News Editor

    Meet Dr. Claire C. Muselman, the Chief Operating Officer at WorkersCompensation.com, where she blends her vast academic insight and professional innovation with a uniquely positive energy. As the President of DCM, Dr. Muselman is renowned for her dynamic approach that reshapes and energizes the workers' compensation industry. Dr. Muselman's academic credentials are as remarkable as her professional achievements. Holding a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University, she specializes in employee engagement, human behavior, and the science of leadership. Her diverse background in educational leadership, public policy, political science, and dance epitomizes a multifaceted approach to leadership and learning. At Drake University, Dr. Muselman excels as an Assistant Professor of Practice and Co-Director of the Master of Science in Leadership Program. Her passion for teaching and commitment to innovative pedagogy demonstrate her dedication to cultivating future leaders in management, leadership, and business strategy. In the industry, Dr. Muselman actively contributes as an Ambassador for the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation and plays key roles in organizations such as Kids Chance of Iowa, WorkCompBlitz, and the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance, underscoring her leadership and advocacy in workers’ compensation. A highly sought-after speaker, Dr. Muselman inspires professionals with her engaging talks on leadership, self-development, and risk management. Her philosophy of empathetic and emotionally intelligent leadership is at the heart of her message, encouraging innovation and progressive change in the industry. "Empowerment is key to progress. By nurturing today's professionals with empathy and intelligence, we're crafting tomorrow's leaders." - Dr. Claire C. Muselman

  • Harvey Warren

    News Editor

    Harvey Warren has enjoyed many careers, from screenwriter to film producer to financial services professional. With a bachelor’s de­gree in communications from Ithaca College and a master’s degree from Syracuse Univer­sity, writing has always been his passion. As the Optimized Patient he fulfills his dream to write about healing. Joining the Experts Analysis enables Mr. Warren to directly contribute the “patient’s view” to the industry. Mr. Warren lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Wileen.

  • Anne Llewellyn

    News Editor

    Anne Llewellyn is a registered nurse with over forty years of experience in critical care, risk management, case management, patient advocacy, healthcare publications and training and development. Anne has been a leader in the area of Patient Advocacy since 2010. She was a Founding member of the Patient Advocate Certification Board and is currently serving on the National Association of Health Care Advocacy. Anne writes a weekly Blog, Nurse Advocate to share stories and events that will educate and empower people be better prepared when they enter the healthcare system.

  • Donald Abrams

    News Editor

    Donald A. Abrams, PA is a 1977 graduate of the Albany Medical College Physician Assistant program, specializing in and actively practicing orthopedic surgery for more than 15 years. Overseeing several exceptionally successful start-ups, Mr. Abrams has established himself as a leader in cost containment strategies for the workers’ compensation professional. Now celebrating his tenth year with Clinical Compensation Consultants, Mr. Abrams has participated and spoken at hundreds of local, regional, and national educational conferences on a multipole of topics germane to the work comp professional. Additionally, Mr. Abrams has presented several webinar-based lectures endorsed for continuing education credits by the Texas Department of Insurance. Described as an excellent and passionate speaker, Mr. Abrams continues to strive to deliver a level of expertise that best serves all participants in the workers’ compensation system.

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