Owner-Family of Defense Contractor Charged with WC Fraud


Martinez, CA (WorkersCompensation.com) — A husband and wife and their 28-year-old son are charged with bribing workers at their two San Ramon businesses to not report work-related injuries. Those are among the six counts of workers’ compensation fraud and 14 felony charges connected to their construction companies, one of which contracted with the Department of Defense. The three face possible jail time and other penalties.

According to the Felony Complaint filed on Nov. 7, 2018, and obtained by Workerscompensation.com, Selina and Majider Paul “MP” Singh and their 28-year-old son Kabir Singh were also charged with $1.5 million in money laundering and conspiracy. The charges were filed by the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office between Sept 1, 2010 and December 2017.

The family-owned businesses named in the complaint are Bara Infoware and Federal Solutions Group. The website of Federal Solutions Group states its list of clients includes: 

  • U.S. Armed Services
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • National Guard

California law requires employers to have worker’s compensation insurance, and if their employee gets sick or hurt because of work, they are required to pay for workers’ compensation benefits. Fraud that is committed in connection with worker’s compensation insurance can lead to rather severe criminal penalties. 

The complaint says the defendants instructed their employees to not report job-related injuries in order to avoid having to pay insurance premiums and at times bribed them, as an incentive. The complaint said the three knowingly made a fraudulent or false statement about eligibility for benefits to discourage a worker that has been injured on the job from claiming benefits.

“We certainly want any companies not following workers’ compensation law to be held accountable,” said Public Information Officer, Scott Alonso at the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office in an emailed statement to Workerscompensation.com. “Often employees are left vulnerable if an accident does occur and their employer does not have the proper coverage.


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