Killer Told Co-Worker He'd Shoot Others If Fired

01 May, 2019 Liz Carey


Aurora, IL ( – A report released Monday showed the workplace shooter who killed five employees in Aurora, IL in February, told a co-worker he would kill fellow workers if he was terminated.

The co-worker, however, chose not to report the shooter’s comments.

According to the report from the Kane County State’s Attorney’s office, the employee chose not to tell his employer because he felt the shooter was always making “off the wall” comments.

The report, which looked into whether or not the police’s actions were justified in using deadly force, showed the gunman followed through on threats he made to his co-worker.

In February, as previously reported in, 45-year-old Gary Martin opened fire on three other company employees who were in a meeting with Martin in regards to his termination from the company. Martin then turned his gun on other employees, killing two more.

As officers arrived in response to 911 calls, Martin fired upon them as well.

“Officers arrived and were fired upon immediately,” said Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman in a press conference at the time of the shooting. “Two of the initial four officers entering the building were shot. Additional officers arrived and were also fired upon. A total of five officers were wounded.”

Police then entered the 29,000 square foot building in search of the shooter, when they discovered the five deceased victims. After a brief gun fight, officers shot and killed Martin.

According to the report, an employee at the plant, unidentified by investigators, said the shooter threatened “If I get fired, I’m going to kill every m********* in here” and “I am going to blow police up” if he was fired on that day.

Martin knew that he was scheduled for a disciplinary hearing that day due to being caught without eye protection, the report said. Investigators think Martin had a gun and ammunition with him when he arrived at work.

At 1 p.m., Martin was brought into a meeting with four others, including a human resources intern from Northern Illinois University on his first day at work. Surveillance inside the plant showed Martin getting something from his workstation and putting on a hoody before going to the bathroom prior to the meeting, according to the report.

After being presented with a write-up for the violation, at which point, Clayton Parks, a human resource manager at Henry Pratt, told Martin that they would begin termination proceedings. According to the report, Martin unleashed a stream of expletives, to which Josh Pinkard, the plant manager, told Martin “Ok, it’s over.” Martin responded with “Yeah, it is over.” and started shooting.

Martin shot those in the meeting, and then shot another employee, Tim Williams in the wrist and then twice in the back. Martin then ran to the loading dock area where he shot Vincent Juarez who had argued with Martin the day before about the safety glasses, the report said.

When police arrived, around 1:30, Martin opened fire on them. Martin shot and injured five officers. By 2:59, officers discovered Martin seated in a chair dead, the report said. According to the coroner’s office, Martin had been shot six times. One of those shots entered the right jaw and traveled upward, shattering Martin’s skull, and was deemed to be self-inflicted.

Over the course of the incident, Martin fired 64 shots, and was armed with multiple extra magazines, as well as a folding knife.

During a ceremony honoring the fallen officers from the incident, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said she was disappointed the unnamed employee did not act on Martin’s comments.

“If it turns out to be nothing, so be it,” Ziman said, according to the Aurora Beacon News. “One warning could have helped and I hope that sends the message.”


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