Incidents Point to Violence Impacting Workers Across Industries

02 Sep, 2021 Liz Carey


Manhattan, N.Y ( – Five employees died in separate incidents across the country, affecting a range of industries from auto repair to COVID vaccinations. 

In Manhattan, one auto body employee was killed and one other was injured when they were shot by a customer, officials believe.  After the man got into a verbal argument with a 33-year-old employee at the shop, he pulled out a gun and shot the employee in the head and shoulder. The man then turned around and shot a 43-year-old employee in the back.

 Both were rushed to the hospital where the 33-year-old employee was pronounced dead. The 43-year-old was listed in stable condition. 

In Santa Clarita, California, authorities are investigating an attack on two workers at a COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Officials said a man entered the Los Angeles County run COVID vaccination clinic in the former Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center and got into an argument with two of the clinic’s employees. When the man left, he got into his car and ran into one of the employee. The man then ran over signs before turning his car and running into the other employee. 

One of the employees was treated on the scene with minor injuries to his arm. The other was not injured.

 Los Angeles County Public Health said they were stunned by the incident. 

“We are saddened by this terrible incident, and our thoughts and prayers are with the person injured,” the department said in a statement. “Public health is working with local authorities and the vaccination site has closed as the investigation is underway.”  

In Hampton, Virginia, a man is accused of killing a Papa John’s delivery driver. 

DeShawn “Shawn” Powell was headed out of the restaurant around 7:20 on July 22 to make a delivery, when he saw a co-worker being assaulted in the parking lot. 

According to court records, the assailant had the woman by the hair and was pulling her away from the restaurant while “accusing her of talking to other males.” Powell, 20, walked over to intervene. 

When Powell approached the scene, and asked what was going on, the assailant, Jaylin Divyne Avery, 22, allegedly “pulled a gun from his waist area” and shot Powell twice – once in the chest and once in the neck. 

Court records indicate Avery then fled the scene. Police said the store manager called the police and moved several Papa John’s employees into a back room to protect them if the shooter was still on the grounds. Once she had secured the employees, she and a delivery driver went to help Powell. The manager and employee put towels on the wounds and performed CPR on Powell until medics arrived and transported him to Hampton Sentara CarePlex. Powell died shortly after arrival. 

Police used surveillance footage to identify Avery, whom they arrested with the assistance of the U.S. Marshalls. He was charged with second degree murder.



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