Ginmills in Brooklyn and Queens Hit With Hefty Fines and Stop Work Orders


New York, NY ( - Earlier this summer a slew of bars in Queens and Brooklyn were issued stop work orders and were administered approximately $471,000 in penalties. According to authorities, those fines were set as the employers didn’t have the required workers’ compensation insurance or disability benefits for its employees.

Both the State Liquor Authority and the New York Workers’ Compensation Board have said that the bar, Naresa Palace, located in South Ozone Park, Queens; and the Tic Tavern, a few blocks away, received a stop work order because the two establishments had no workers’ compensation insurance.

This isn’t the first time the Tic Tavern has been hit with a stop work order. In July 2017, they were given one for not having workers’ compensation insurance, and according to records, the bar has had an extensive history of complaints from both its employers and patrons.  

Insomnia Bar, also located in South Ozone Park on 111th Avenue, was hit with a $66,263 fine for not having workers’ compensation insurance as well. 

In the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, after a series of complaints from the community, board inspectors raided the Lone Star Sports Bar on 5th Avenue and discovered the bar violated rules that require workers’ compensation insurance, and disability benefits.

State Liquor Authority (SLA) Chairman Vincent Bradley said in a news release, “The SLA is committed to working with the Workers’ Comp Board and local law enforcement in joint operations to keep our neighborhoods safe. These efforts have led to immediate action against problem locations and have made a positive impact for people living in these communities.”

In the state of New York, all businesses are required to have work comp insurance when employing a staff member. It’s also mandatory that employers provide workers with disability benefits coverage for when illness or an off-the-job injury occurs. 

Melissa Stewart, a spokesperson for the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, told, “Multiple New York State agencies routinely cooperate in compliance investigations to ensure workers’ rights are protected, and employers follow applicable laws. The bars have all secured coverage and are all opened. Lone Star secured coverage the same day it was cited. The stop work order for Naresa Palace was lifted after five days. Tic Tavern was cited for the second time, and its stop work order was lifted after five days. Insomnia Bar & Lounge was cited for the second time, and its stop work order was (also) lifted…”

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