Five Things You Need to Know: 7/23, Monday Edition


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 1) CA: Trader Joe’s Shooting Leads to Death of Store Manager

The Silver Lake Trader Joe’s manager, Melyda Corado, has been confirmed as dead after the shooting on Saturday, writes Richard Winton, Christine Mai-Duc and Jack Dolan. The three-hour hostage situation happened after an unnamed 28-year-old shot his grandmother and another woman, then led police on a car chase. He took 40-50 people hostage in the store. Throughout the situation, some hostages snuck out and some were let out.

2) TX: Former Doctor to Previous President George H.W. Bush Killed on his Way to Work

Dr. Mark Hausknecht, one of former cardiologists to previous President George H.W. Bush, was killed by another biker on his ride to work close to the Texas Medical Center in Houston, per authorities and Ralph Ellis of CNN. Motivations behind the shooting remain unclear. Dr. Hausknecht was shot at twice by the other biker, said to look about 30, and riding a lighter-colored bike.

3) NY: Three Uber Workers Ruled as Employees in Recent Decision

“The Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board of New York State has ruled that Uber is liable for unemployment benefits for three drivers, along with others who are ‘similarly situated.’ Uber has said it disagrees with the ruling, and seems likely to appeal it,” writes David Z. Morris of Fortune. “…The decision cites Uber’s extensive recruitment, training, and supervision practices as evidence that drivers are employees, rather than independent contractors.” This could lay new groundwork for the gig economy and drivers for similar transportation companies, including Lyft. 

4) WA: Old Hanford Nuclear Plant Demo Work Halts Due to Employees’ Contamination Exposure

In the winter of 2017, the old Hanford plant in eastern Washington was allegedly experiencing some issues, writes Zahra Hirji of Buzzfeed News. Some of the crew’s equipment tested positive for radioactive particles and contamination. CH2M Hill employees would experience higher levels of contamination when large winds came through the plant campus. Up to 42 employees have tested positive as of 2017. “…So far, the radiation exposure levels have been lower than the threshold that’s legally considered unsafe for Hanford workers. But from a health perspective, there is no safe level for some of these carcinogens,” and demo work hasn’t started up again. CH2M has a goal to finish the project by spring 2019, with designation to low and high-risk areas. “…Before this plan can go into effect, the EPA and the Washington State Department of Ecology need to sign off. Those agencies have demanded to review how exactly the project will track contamination, per a June 26 letter sent to the Energy Department,” according to the article.

5) NE: EEOC Files Suit Against Trucking Co., Alleging Discrimination Against Job Applicant

The EEOC has filed a lawsuit against Werner Enterprises Inc., alleging the trucking company discriminated against a job applicant, writes Marian Johns of Legal News Line. “…According to the EEOC, the company told a deaf applicant that it could not hire deaf persons as truck drivers even though the deaf applicant graduated from truck driving school, held a commercial driver license and even received an exception from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to operate a commercial vehicle,” writes Johns. The lawsuit also says the company illegally asked about the applicant’s disability as well.

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