Five Things You Need to Know: 12/17, Monday Edition


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1) Safety Harness Kept Santa Secure After Small Mishap in Disney World Parade

In a situation where an employee could have been very hurt, it looks like a safety harness saved the day, writes Alexandra Deabler of Fox News. Santa Claus might not have been so jolly after an incident in a recent Disney World Christmas parade. “…According to WDWNT (Walt Disney World News Today), the sleigh (float) broke during the parade and launched Mr. Claus right out of his seat. He was left dangling by his safety harness while he waited for crew members to help him down,” per the article. While the parade was stopped due to the situation, no injuries were reported.

2) A Look at a Few Christmas Movies: What Actors Endured on-the-Job to Get the Most Memorable Scenes

In Home Alone, a tarantula walks over Daniel Stern’s nose. The animal used is real, and he didn’t mime the scream, according to Spencer Althouse of BuzzFeed. Apparently the trainer told him not to make any sudden moves, but the scream didn’t affect the spidey as they don’t have ears. It took 8.5 hours to place all of Jim Carrey’s makeup and masking for How the Grinch Stole Christmas. He endurance-trained under a CIA program. And lastly, when you see Bruce Willis walking on glass in Die Hard, he actually used rubber feet, per the article.

3) Hot Seat TOMORROW: A Look a Kids’ Chance

Kids’ Chance is an organization that connects children to scholarships who’ve had parents killed or seriously injured on the job. For more information on Kids’ Chance, click here.’s next Hot Seat will focus on the program, and what it provides for these kids. The webinar will take place Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, with President and CEO, Bob Wilson and Deputy Chief Judge of Florida Office of the Judge of Compensation Claims, David Langham. “…Meet some of the recipients of this workers' compensation driven charity. Learn how you can help change lives of kids in need,” according to the session description. Click here to register. Kids’ Chance has given children more than 6,500 scholarships since its inception in 1988, totaling to more than $21 million.

4) FL: Lawsuit to Continue Against Former Deputy Who was Present at the Parkland Shooting

A negligence lawsuit filed by a father of one of the Parkland shooting victims will continue per a judge’s permission as of last week, writes Carrie Bradon of the Florida Record. The lawsuit was filed by Andrew Pollock, against former deputy Scot Peterson, who Pollock alleges did nothing during the tragic incident in which 17 victims were killed, and 17 were hurt by shooter Nikolas Cruz in the spring of 2018. The lawsuit alleges “…Peterson was legally obligated to protect the victims of the shooting but was negligent and did nothing,” writes Bradon.

5) IL: Former ‘Staff Quick’ Employee Requests More than $50G in Lawsuit

Edwardsville resident Clia Hodges has filed a lawsuit against Antolin Interiors USA and Team Company, doing business as Staff Quick, alleging she was fired after “…requesting workers' compensation benefits,” writes Angelica Saylo Pilo of the Madison-St. Clair Record. “…Hodges claims she has suffered and will continue to suffer loss of income and benefits, emotional distress, humiliation and embarrassment,” after filing for said benefits, which allegedly led to her termination. “…The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks damages in excess of $50,000, plus interest and all other relief deemed appropriate and just." 

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