DEIB Comes into Focus at WCI, Building on 2021 Gains

26 Jul, 2022 Frank Ferreri


Orlando, FL ( -- Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging might not be the first things that come to mind when people think of workers' compensation. But as wtih so many areas of industrial life, many are behind the scenes looking to change the narrative -- and improve workers' lives.

One of those working on making DEIB part of workers' compensation's new normal is Sabrina Mitchell, who is Claims Assistant Vice President for the southeast region with PMA Companies, which is sponsoring the DEIB track at WCI's conference next month. recently caught up with Mitchell, who explained the importance of DEIB and its place at WCI. 

1.      DEIB is a fairly new topic for WCI. What do you feel has been the impact thus far in including it as a focus for the conference?

The first WCI DEIB session was held last December, and the reception was very positive. The attendance was standing room only, which really validated the fact there was great interest in DEIB in the WC industry. 

2.      Why should the workers' compensation industry prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging?

In order for our industry to remain relevant,  continue to grow and  attract talent DEIB must become an important focus for the many different stakeholders represented by the conference.  DEIB practices strengthen employee engagement, increase retention and job satisfaction.

3.      What will attendees gain from the conference on DEIB that they wouldn't get anywhere else?

The DEIB sessions will include a panel of professionals who represent different industry segments. The sessions were developed based on feedback from the WCI community and the participants from last year’s sessions.  

4.      What has the feedback been thus far on WCI's approach to DEIB?

The feedback has been very positive and encouraging. Based on the importance of DEIB to our industry, we will be forming a permanent group that will continue to produce content outside of the conference as well. 

5.      What do you wish the industry understood about DEIB that it doesn't currently?

I will say that perhaps some don’t make the connection that there is an economic benefit to DEIB in business. According to a Harvard  Business Review Study, Businesses with higher-than-average diversity had 19% higher innovation revenues. That same study found that more diverse company were more innovative. Diversity allows a company to market a wider more diverse clientele. Diversity is good for business. 

6.      What other information do you feel would be helpful to attendees? 

The DEIB sessions will be held Aug. 22 between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. We are thankful for our sponsors this year and look forward to a years’ worth of DEIB content that will be informative.

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