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Chart View: Wash. Mental Health Services

21 Nov, 2023 Frank Ferreri

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Seattle, WA ( -- Mental health services have taken on increased importance in the past few years and have begun receiving long-overdue recognition as part of an overall health and wellness commitment to workers.

The following information details the State of Washington's rules and policies regarding mental health services.

TopicsRules & Policies
Treatment objectivesTreatment of mental conditions to workers is to be goal directed, time limited, intensive, targeted on specific symptoms and functional status and limited to conditions caused or aggravated by the industrial condition.
Specific functional goals of treatment must be identified and treatment must have an emphasis on functional, measurable improvement towards the specific goals.
Services coveredMental health services to workers are limited to those provided by psychiatrists, doctoral level psychologists, and psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioners and according to department policy.
Psychiatrists and psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioners may prescribe medications while providing concurrent care.
Definition of "mental health services"The term "mental health services" refers to treatment by psychologists, psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists.
AuthorizationInitial evaluation, and subsequent treatment must be authorized by department staff or the self-insurer, as outlined by department policy.
The report of initial evaluation, including test results, and treatment plan is to be sent to the worker's attending provider, as well as to the department or self-insurer.
A copy of the 60-day narrative reports are to be sent to the department or self-insurer and to the attending provider.
ReportingThe following are required: Testing results with scores, scales, and profiles; report of raw data sufficient to allow reassessment by a panel or independent medical examiner.
Explanation of the numerical scales is required.
StandardsProviders must use the edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association designated by the department in the initial evaluation, follow-up evaluations and 60-day narrative reports.
What must be included in reportsA report to the department or self-insurer will contain, at least, the following elements:
--> Subjective complaints.
--> Objective observations.
--> Identification and measurement of target symptoms and functional status.
--> Assessment of the worker's condition and goals accomplished in relation to the target symptoms and functional status.
--> Plan of care.
Where to find informationThe codes, reimbursement levels, and other policies for mental health services are listed in the fee schedules.
DocumentationWhen providing mental health services, providers must track and document the worker's functional status using validated instruments such as the World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule (WHODAS) or other substantially equivalent validated instruments recommended by the department.
A copy of the completed functional assessment instrument must be sent to the attending provider and the department or self-insurer, as required by department policy or treatment guideline.
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