Workers Injured by Falling Debris on I-10, Among Other Incidents

28 May, 2024 Liz Carey


San Antonio, TX ( – Two workers were injured by a piece of flying debris from a highway construction project, one of several incidents to affect workers over the last few weeks.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), in late April, workers were removing a temporary beam on the flyover ramp on the I-10 interchange with 1604 when I fell and struck an aerial lift with two workers inside. TXDOT said "this temporary beam is used during formwork and is different from the large steel beams that permanently support the flyover ramp.” The workers were transported to the hospital and treated for serious injuries.

TXDOT said they were working with Williams Brothers Construction, the firm handling the work on the flyover ramps to ensure they are following all safety protocols and guidelines. The department said an emergency safety meeting was held with the company in order to review safety protocols, and that it is conducting an investigation into the incident.

Williams Brothers Construction was previously involved in employee injuries. In 2016, a Williams Brothers Construction worker, Gerardo Lopez, fell to his death while working on a highway ramp. In 2012, another employee fell to his death working on a highway flyover project. Victor Trevino lost his footing, officials said, and fell 70 feet. Police as the time said Trevino was wearing a safety harness, but it wasn’t connected to anyone.

In West Hartford, Conn., a worker was injured when a man from Chicago attacked him during an armed robbery.

Police said the Advance Auto Parts employee was working Tuesday, May 21 when Luis Pagan, 38, entered the store with a weapon and robbed the store. The employee suffered non-life threatening injuries during the incident where Pagan left with an undisclosed amount of money. Pagan fled the scene on a bike, and was apprehended by police blocks from the store.

Police recovered the money and arrested Pagan. He was charged with a number of crimes, including first degree robbery, criminal mischief, assault, illegal uses of a facsimile firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In Gatlinburg, Tenn., an employee was injured when they fell down the hillside of Ober Mountain.

Earlier this month, the employee was working on the mountain coaster at Ober Mountain when they fell at least 20 feet and had to be extracted from the mountain.

Seth Butler, the director of operations and communication for the City of Gatlinburg, said the employee suffered a medical emergency and fell down the hillside. Following the fall, the employee was conscious and alert enough to call for other employees to help him as he suffered neck and back pains, as well as a laceration on his head. The employee was extracted from the hillside by emergency personnel and taken to UT Medical Center for further treatment.

And in Troy, N.Y., crews from a private electrical firm were injured as they worked on a hydro-electric dam.

Officials said that the crews were working at the Mount Ida Hydro-Electric Dam on May 24 when an electrical event happened that caused the employees to suffer injuries.

“Some sort of electrical event happened that caused the equipment to arc and resulted in their burns,” Fire Chief Rich Cellucci told local news outlets.

Cellucci said the equipment caused a breakdown of gas which produced a plasma spark and burned the employees.

“Significant burns in varying degrees on various parts of their body,” Cellucci said. ”One of them was transported by ground ambulance to Albany Medical Center, and the other two were each transported by helicopter to a burn center.”

The incident is being looked into, officials said.

“It’s being investigated. I believe the state and OSHA will be coming in the plant. The hydro plant has been shut down. I have talked to our chief multiple times this morning, getting updates and just so you know, our thoughts are with the victims,” Troy Mayor Carmella Mantello said.

Relevate Power LLC owns the Hydro-Electric dam which is operated by Ampersand New York Operations Co. The companies said in a statement that the plant was shut down until further notice.

“Mount Ida Hydro officials are working to support the investigations of local firefighters and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration,” the companies said.

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