Workers Get Organized in New Year

08 Feb, 2023 Chriss Swaney


Sarasota, FL ( -- Seven in 10 U.S. adults are poised to set goals for themselves at the start of  2023, with one –third telling Gallup pollsters they are “very likely” to do so and another 38 percent  report they are “somewhat likely’’ to set goals pertaining to health, financial and career goals.   

 Sara Hargreaves of Pittsburgh-based Scribe is setting a goal of moving some of her fine papers and gifts online this year. She will retain her cozy little shop, but says she wants to expand her business.  

 “I am learning about new software and marketing techniques to help with this new tack,’’ said Hargreaves, whose products range from letterpress cards and notes to high-end gifts from the world’s finest designers and presses.  

Goalsetting is widely touted as crucial to success in various life domains. But scores of personal development experts insist that achieving goals requires writing them down, determining the specific steps needed to reach them and tracking one’s progress. And that is exactly what Hargreaves plans to do as she prepares to launch her small business into the computer age.  

Although majorities of all age groups intend to do it, according to the Gallup survey. About eight in 10 adults aged 18 to 34 (79 percent) and 72 percent of those aged 35 to 54 say they are likely to set goals, versus 62 percent of those 55 and older.  Age differences are also evident among those “very likely’’ to set goals falling from 40 percent of the youngest age group to 25 percent of the oldest.  The survey of 1,803 adults aged 18 and older found that goal setting is also more common among high-income adults and college graduates than their counterparts, while there is no difference by gender.  

Lori Moran is busy setting new goals for 2023 as she prepares to purchase the real estate company she worked for during the past 32 years.  “It’ time to take the training wheels off  now and find out how important goal setting really is,’’ said Moran of Pittsburgh..  “I am putting together financial plans, health plans and worker compensation packages,’’ she added. “It will all take time.’’  

Clearly, setting goals fro small and large companies is important. So the survey asked how important have goals been in people’s lives thus far? Nearly six in 10 Americans says that some of their major successes in life have been the result of setting major goals for themselves. On the other hand, 40 percent claim they have been successful without setting specific goals. 

Worker consultants report that the top professional goals listed by employees in 2023 include: building better career networks, improving peer communication, learning a new skill and taking a public speaking course. 

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