Workers’ Comp. 101: Ind. PPD

30 Nov, 2023 Frank Ferreri


Indianapolis, IN ( -- If you had to give someone the lowdown on permanent partial disability in Indiana, could you give them the basics?

If not, read on, to see what how PPD in the Hoosier State works.

Payments. PPD benefits are paid out in weekly installments equal to 66 2/3 percent of the employee's average weekly wage.

"Degree System." In Indiana, the impairment ratings assed by a physician are converted into a dollar award through the use of the "degree system." The entire body is worth 100 degrees, with lower degree values being assigned to individual body parts. The thumb, for example, is worth 12 degrees. For each degree of impairment, the employee receives a sum of money determined by a schedule.

Degree Schedule. The schedule is as follows:

For the loss of the:

Arm/hand below the elbow joint 40 degrees
Arm above the elbow or entire arm 50 degrees
Foot/Leg below knee joint 35 degrees
Entire Leg or leg above knee joint 45 degrees
Loss of one testicle 10 degrees
Loss of both testicles 30 degrees

For the loss of any two of the following parts, in any combination:

Loss of both hands 100 degrees, or Permanent Total Disability award, whichever is greater.
Loss of both feet 100 degrees, or Permanent Total Disability award, whichever is greater.
Loss of sight in both eyes 100 degrees, or Permanent Total Disability award, whichever is greater.

For the loss or loss of use of 2 or more phalanges of the:

Thumb 12 degrees
Index Finger 8 degrees
Second Finger 7 degrees
Third Finger 6 degrees
Fourth Finger 4 degrees

For the loss or loss of use of 1 or more phalange of the:

Big toe 12 degrees
Second toe 6 degrees
Third toe 4 degrees
Fourth toe 3 degrees
Fifth toe 2 degrees

Loss of vision:

Permanent loss of vision by enucleation: 35 degrees

Loss of hearing:

Complete loss of hearing in one ear 15 degrees
Complete loss of hearing in both ears 40 degrees

Permanent Disfigurement:

Up to 40 degrees, where PPI is not otherwise payable.

Degree System Examples. Here's the cheat sheet on how the degree system gets computed:

100% impairment to the whole body (worth 100 degrees)
100% X 100 degrees = 100 degrees

25% impairment to the whole body (worth 100 degrees)
25% X 100 degrees = 25 degrees

50% impairment to the thumb (worth 12 degrees)
50% X 12 degrees = 6 degrees

Use of the PPI Submission Portal is now mandatory for Indiana adjusters. The portal is accessed through Gateway.  It allows adjusters to not only submit all documentation including the SF1043, Medical Report, and Waiver electronically, but to monitor the status of each submission, once accepted, through review and approval.  There is a Help document available on the Board’s website as well as on Gateway.

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