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Wisconsin Workers Stabbed Using Scissors from Photo Counter, Police Say

18 Jun, 2024 Liz Carey

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Jaynesville, WI (WorkersCompensation.com) – Walgreen’s workers were stabbed using scissors from the store’s photo counter, court documents show.

The attack on two Walgreen’s employees in May left both of the employees bleeding severely, officials said. According to court records, 27-year-old Edward Toyer was arrested in the attack. Toyer, who is homeless, is still in jail under a $1 million bond.

Police said Toyer entered the Walgreen’s and began to pace around the store waiting for customers to leave. Security footage shows that when the last customer left, Toyer ran at a female employee and stabbed her in the head and hand with scissors he had stolen from the photo center. He then stabbed he female employee in the back. Later he beat and kicked the other worker, a male, and stabbed him in the neck.

Court documents described Toyer as having a “thousand-yard stare” as he attacked the workers. He later fled the store, but police were able to track him down using a drove to locate him. He was found a few blocks away, covered in blood, police said.

The attack was just one of several incidents where employees across the country were stabbed while on the job, police records indicate.

On June 6, in Rogers, Ark., a woman working at a Kum and Go gas station was stabbed by her co-worker, police said.

Keith Foster, the public information officer with the Rogers Police Department said a male employee at the gas station stabbed his co-worker around 12:30 p.m. The employee was reported to have serious injuries, but was awake and conscious when police arrived.

According to court documents released this week, the attacker called 911 and reported that he had stabbed his co-worker several times in the head and face. Police said when they responded to the gas station, employee Samuel Fletcher was standing outside, and found the co-worker inside the store’s cooler holding towels to the side of her face. The co-worker told police that they had reprimanded Fletcher the day before about his poor performance at work. Fletcher was charged with capital attempted murder, officials said, and was being held on a $1 million bond.

On June 4, a Tallahassee Dollar General employee was stabbed during a robbery attempt.

Tallahassee Police officials said the employee confronted a suspect who was stealing items from the store. When they called the suspect out, an altercation ensued which resulted in the employee being stabbed by the suspect in the upper arm, officials said.

Before police arrived, the suspect fled on foot, court records indicate. Police said they are continuing to investigate the incident.

In Stanford, Ky., a restaurant employee was stabbed several times by one of their co-wokrers.

Police said they were called to the Stanford Dairy Queen on May 30 for a report of a stabbing. When they arrived, they found the victim, and another worker who tried to stop the attack, with injuries consistent with a stabbing.

According to a Stanford Police Department Facebook post, the first victim was a juvenile and was cut across her throat and stomach area. She was transported to a hospital nearby and stabilized before being airlifted to another medical facility.

Police said Sanchez arrived at work a couple of hours before the attack, while the victim arrived around 4:30 p.m. In the arrest citation, Sanchez told investigators that the victim was giving her “strange looks, and she did not like it.” At that point, Sanchez left the business and went to her home to get a knife. She told investigators it was her intention to go back to the restaurant and kill the other employee to “stop the evil,” the arrest citation said.

The arrest citation said Sanchez has been taking medication for her schizophrenia, anxiety and PTSD. The Dairy Queen manager intervened in the attack and sustained a cut on her wrist. Sanchez has been charged with attempted murder of one victim, and first-degree assault on the second victim, the police said.

And in Rochester, Minn., police arrested two men after stabbing an AT&T employee during a robbery.

According to the Rochester Police Department, the two men attempted to rob the store. When an employee tried to stop them, the men stabbed the employee in the leg. The suspects then tried to run down an alley to escape the scene. Rochester Police said the two men were arrested nearly 10 minutes after they were dispatched to the scene.

The employee was taken to the Mayo Clinic’s St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment, police said. The suspects were charged with attempted robbery. Other charges were expected, officials said.

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