Texas Serial Nurse Imposter Arrested 

15 Feb, 2024 F.J. Thomas


Sarasota, FL (WorkersCompensation.com) – You wouldn’t think the name, “Jessica Judd” was that common, however a recent criminal case in Texas proved that it was common enough to allow a charismatic criminal to eventually become a director of nursing. 

In January, Texas Board of Nursing issued a warning about nursing imposter, Jessica Renee Judd. In June 2020, Judd had gained employment as a registered nurse (RN) at a hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas. Judd was able to obtain the job by using the nursing license number of another nurse with the same first and last name. Judd worked at the hospital a little over 6 months, providing skilled nursing care to patients and presenting herself as an RN on all medical and legal business paperwork. 

In June 2022 until April of last year, Judd again worked as an RN at a treatment center Weatherford, Texas using the license number of yet another nurse with the same first and last name. Additionally, Judd worked as a nurse supervisor at a clinic in Decatur, Texas from April 14th until April 21st last year. 

Using yet another nurse’s license number, Judd worked again at a nursing home in Jacksboro, Texas from May 3rd until May 11th of last year as the director of nursing. 

It wasn’t until the Texas Nursing Board’s investigation that it became evident that the social security number and the date of birth that Judd had provided to her multiple employers did not match any nurses having nursing privileges in the State of Texas. According to the announcement, Judd had several aliases including, Jessica Morse, Jessica Fogelson, Jessica R Judd, Renee Judd, and Jessica Judd.

The case was referred for prosecution to the Offices of the Wichita County District Attorney, Wise County District Attorney, Parker County District Attorney, and Jack County District Attorney for prosecution. According to a News Channel 6 report, Judd was arrested in Wichita County early on February 9th with charges of Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information and License Required – Nursing. The judge set her bail at $75,000. Judd is also facing additional charges in Wise, Parker and Jack counties from other investigations. 

Serial nursing imposters are not all that uncommon. In another case in Michigan this past fall, Leticia Gallarzo was arrested posing multiples times as an RN using another nurse’s license information. Gallarzo had previously pleaded guilty in 2017 for the same offense and served 4 months, followed by three years of parole. In this newest case, it wasn’t until an employer performed a fingerprint check that the serial crimes were discovered.  

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