New Ranking Scores Cleveland as Most Stressed City in America

14 Jul, 2022 F.J. Thomas


Sarasota, FL ( – With 21 percent more workers experiencing burnout, and the US Surgeon General issuing a recent advisory on the record levels of stress in healthcare workers, mental health and maintaining a work life balance has been on the forefront. According to a March survey from the American Psychological Association, the chain of recent events instigated by pandemic has created the perfect storm for long-term increase in stress levels. 

According to the survey, 87 percent stated that there has been a constant stream of crisis over the last two years, and 73 percent stated they felt overwhelmed by the number of crises. Fifty-eight percent stated they had an undesired weight change in response to the stress, and 23 percent stated that they had been drinking more alcohol to deal with stress levels.

While stress levels have continued to increase, a recent ranking from Wallet Hub has determined where people seem to be coping better than the rest of the county. Analysts compared 182 cities that included the 150 top populated, and at least two top cities in each state. The cities were graded on work stress, financial stress, family relationships, and health and safety.

Some of the components of work stress included average work hours, job security, commute congestion and time, unemployment rates, income growth and job satisfaction. Financial components included annual household income, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, debt ratios and credit scores, housing affordability, and food insecurity. Divorce rate, childcare costs and availability, and number of single parent households were some of the components factored into family relationships. Vaccination rates, population health including depression rates and sleep levels, suicide rates, crime rates, and physical activity were all scored for health and safety.

Cleveland ranked number one for having the highest overall stress level score and financial stress score. The city also ranked second in family, and health and safety stress categories. For work stress scores, Cleveland ranked 18th.

Detroit also topped the list as second in the nation for highest overall and financial stress levels, and ranked first for health and safety stress levels. The city fared a little better than Cleveland, ranking 23rd for work stress.

Both Detroit and Cleveland also made the list for top 5 cities with the least amount of sleep.

Fremont, California, ranked the least stressed overall, and had the lowest score for financial, and health and safety stress scores. Interestingly enough, the city ranked 20th for work stress between the Detroit and Cleveland rankings.

South Burlington, Vermont, fared a little better with the second lowest overall and financial stress level score. The city also scored lowest for family stress, and ranked 31st for work stress. South Burlington also made the top 5 cities with the highest average hours of sleep, and the top 5 cities with the lowest percentage of adults in poor health.








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