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02 May, 2024 NCCI


WHAT: NCCI’s latest report - The Future of Workplace Safety Technology Is Now Part Three - The Employer Perspective ( []

For this third and final installment, NCCI interviewed three employers that have adopted innovative safety technology including wearables and video AI/Computer Vision. 


  • To effectively implement safety technology, an ongoing partnership between the employer, the technology provider, and the insurer is important. 
  • Knowing how to interpret and use the data collected from the safety technology was a potential obstacle for at least one employer. 
  • The cost of the product was not necessarily an obstacle to implementation. 
  • Manufacturing and warehousing are currently the primary industry focus. 
  • Employee buy-in and trust are critical for success and can be achieved through education and transparency. 
  • The employers’ use of safety technologies also resulted in increased productivity and efficiencies. 
  • Use of a single safety technology may not address all workplace hazards or unsafe practices but can be another tool in the toolbox for creating a culture of safety. 
  • Safety technologies can be an effective tool for monitoring multiple locations remotely and in real time. 

WHY IT MATTERS: There’s a growing buzz in workers compensation that technology, the workplace, and the role of the worker are changing more dramatically today and at a faster pace than ever before. Along with shifting jobs and evolving workplaces come new and changing exposures to worker injuries. Questions continue to arise about the status and evolution of safety technologies. 

WHO: the report is authored by: 

  • Damian England, ARM, Division Executive—Affiliate Services   
  • Yuchen Su, FCAS, CSPA, MAAA, AIDA, MBA, Actuary II  
  • Raji H. Chadarevian, Executive Director—Actuarial Research  
  • Laura Kersey, J.D., Division Executive—Regulatory & Legislative Analysis  

WHAT ELSE: NCCI’s Annual Insights Symposium 2024 will feature a session dedicated to workplace safety technology and how these game changers may impact the future of workers compensation. Check out [] to learn more. 

ACCESS THE FULL REPORT:The Future of Workplace Safety Technology Is Now Part Three - The Employer Perspective ( []

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