Do You Know the Rule? Alaska Benefits for Fishermen

14 Dec, 2022 Frank Ferreri


Juneau, AK ( -- Fishing in Alaska is a big economic deal, so it’s not surprising that the state would spell out specific requirements for fishermen receiving workers’ compensation.  

One area that Alaska law covers is the extension of duration of care and additional benefits for fishermen, the highlights of which appear in the chart below. 






Extension of care 


If a fisherman suffers a compensable injury, the fisherman may request compensation for treatment that continues beyond one year from the date of initial allowance for compelling reasons 


What must be included in a request for an extension of duration of care 


A request for an extension of duration of care must: 

  1. Be submitted as a petition 

  1. Explain why treatment cannot be completed within one year from the date of initial allowance 

  1. Include -- 

  • The fisherman’s name and contact information 

  • The name and contact information of the fisherman’s primary care physician 

  • A written treatment plan from the primary care physician, citing medical evidence that supports the extended course of treatment 



Additional benefits 


If a fisherman suffers a compensable injury, the fisherman may request additional benefits for compelling reasons 


What a request for additional benefits must include 


A request for additional benefits must: 

  1. Be submitted as a petition  

  1. Explain the fisherman’s financial need, why a remedy cannot be obtained from the vessel owner, and additional benefits needed 

  1. Include -- 

  • A statement of financial assets and liabilities 

  • Copies of the fisherman’s federal income tax returns for the previous two years, including W-2 forms and supporting schedules. 



What’s considered when a request is made 


The factors that are considered in determining whether an extension of duration of care or additional benefits are due include: 

  1. The severity of the fisherman’s injury 

  1. The percentage of the fisherman’s income derived from commercial fishing 

  1. The length of time that the fisherman has fished commercially in the state 

  1. The availability of relief from other sources 

  1. The chronic nature of the medical condition 

  1. Other facts relevant to the fisherman’s request 


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