Case Management Focus: Tis the Season!

11 Dec, 2023 Anne Llewellyn


Sarasota, FL ( -- In this post, I wanted to touch on professional conduct during the holidays! As case management professionals, we are held to a higher standard and must be careful when celebrating this holiday season.

Many of us who have been in this business for a long time have their 'stories' and look back on those days as the good old days. We had fun. We took chances, and we were lucky that we survived those days. I know I am!

Today’s times are different. Rules are tighter, and the ramifications are more severe. If you get a DUI, you can lose your nursing license. As our certifications are based on our nursing licence you can also lose your case management certification, resulting in the loss of your job. This is tragic for anyone, so please be careful.

Here are some tips to consider to protect yourself and your colleagues.

  • If you are partying with a group of colleagues, assign a designated driver.
  • Give someone your keys and ask them to call you an Uber.
  • If you are attending parties at a hotel – think about staying overnight so you are not tempted to drive.
  • Be aware there are rules when you are at a work party. Know your employer’s policy and procedures and stay within those bounds.
  • Watch out for your friends and do what you can to eliminate injuries or unprofessional behavior that can put you in a lot of trouble.
  • Please don't go overboard, as it can impact your professional standing.

You can have a good time while adhering to your professional responsibilities. Everything in moderation!

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

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