Case Management Focus: Happy New Year – A Time to Reflect on YOU!


Sarasota, FL ( -- It’s a New Year ... What’s on your list for self-improvement as we enter 2023? The new year gives us time to see where we are and what changes we want to see in 2023. Many people take time to reflect on changes they would like to make this year, but over time the motivation goes away, and we go back to old habits. 

A fellow case manager and wellness coach, Rajitha Bommakanti, recorded this video that is worth your time as you enter the new year. Take a few minutes and listen. You will get a few tips on how to make the improvement you need personally and professionally come to fruition. 

Case Managers are change makers, but often when it comes to us, we don't do a great job of making the changes we need to make to take care of ourselves. Make this 2023 the year you make small changes that will allow you to be more confident in yourself to address your challenges. 

Make changes where changes need to be made so you can make peace with those struggles that keep you on edge. 

Make this the year you make changes that make it to your personal life as well as your professional life. Doing this will make you a better person for your family and your work family. 

Take the pledge – do it for yourself….it can be life-changing! 

One of my goals is to continue to bring you tips, ideas, and resources that you can use in your work setting to be the best case manager you can be for the injured workers you work with, your colleagues, and your organization. 

Being a case manager today is a challenge – but taking time to improve your competencies and stay up to date with changes in practice will allow you to take each day and be the best you can be. 

Here are some resources that you can check out! 

  • The Case Management Society of America Blog Post: If you have a story, consider writing a blog post. It is a way to share your expertise and educate other case managers through your experience. To view, go to:
  • Case Management Fellow: Think about applying to become a Case Management Fellow. The Fellowship program is a new program the Case Management Society of America rolled out in 2022. It is an opportunity to explain your leadership and dedication to case management. To learn more, visit 
  • Let me hear from you! Share the challenges you face in your day-to-day work so I can write about them in a future column on Workers I want this column to be meaningful to YOU, the workers' compensation case managers, so share your ideas, and I will do my best to cover them in a future column. You can reach me at 

I hope you and your families have a Healthy and Safe 2023! 




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