Caryn Siebert: Compassion and Leadership in the Insurance Industry

18 Jan, 2024 Claire Muselman


Sarasota, FL ( -- In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of insurance and claims management, Caryn Siebert stands out with excellence and integrity. Recently honored as the 2024 recipient of the CLM Lifetime Achievement Award, Caryn has not just carved a niche for herself; she has redefined the standards of leadership and commitment in the industry. Her extraordinary career spans over three decades, during which she has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to advancing the field. As someone who has had the distinct privilege of knowing Caryn personally, I can attest to her exceptional ability to give generously and guide wisely - traits that surpass the boundaries of her professional life. Caryn's influence stretches beyond career development, touching life's more nuanced and profound aspects, making her a true mentor and inspiration to many in the insurance industry and beyond.

Her journey through the insurance landscape exemplifies dedication, expertise, and visionary leadership. As Vice President of Carrier Practice and Director of Carrier Engagement at Gallagher Bassett, Caryn has solidified her status as a respected and influential figure in claims and litigation management, a role she has gracefully upheld for over 35 years. Her outstanding career features many notable roles, such as leading the claims operations at Knight Insurance Group and steering Carl Warren & Company as its CEO for a decade, where she left an indelible mark through her innovative leadership and strategic thinking. While impressive, these positions represent just a fraction of Caryn's impact on the industry. Her contributions go far beyond her official roles; they embody a commitment to excellence, a passion for the field, and a deep-seated desire to advance the industry, making her a true trailblazer in insurance and claims management.

The legacy of Caryn Siebert in the insurance industry transcends the impressive titles and roles she has held over her illustrious career. Her inherent ability to nurture talent and mentor the next generation of professionals truly distinguishes her as a leader. Her exceptional gift for mentorship is captured by Ronna Ruppelt, CEO of CLM, who stated, "When I think of someone who is focused on giving back to the industry, Caryn is always the first person who comes to mind. She is a contributor to industry-related charities and is often found mentoring professionals new to insurance. She has participated as a speaker in more than 120 virtual and in-person events with CLM over the last 15 years. Caryn is known and respected across the industry. More importantly, she is a kind and genuine person."

Caryn's influence in the claims industry is far-reaching and multifaceted, reflecting her diverse expertise and visionary leadership. As the former President and Conference Chair of the Combined Claims Conference, Caryn was pivotal in expanding the conference's scope and impact. Her efforts led to considerable growth in the number of exhibiting companies and attendees, demonstrating her ability to foster engagement and innovation within the industry. One of Caryn's most notable contributions was the establishment of the CCC Scholarship Program, a testament to her commitment to nurturing future talent and advancing professional education in claims management. Her unique philosophy, equating a claims professional to a duck that remains calm on the surface while paddling vigorously underneath, is a clever analogy and a profound reflection of her approach to tackling challenges and her adaptive, resilient leadership style. This philosophy has resonated with many in the industry, exemplifying the balance between composure and diligent effort essential in claims management. "The Duckie" Award, also known as the Caryn Siebert Claims Professional of the Year Award, is now an annual award given through CCC, honoring an industry professional who, like Caryn, seeks to give back and contribute to the advancement of the claims industry.

The array of accolades is a testament to Caryn's exceptional character and unwavering commitment to the insurance industry. Among these honors, the 2023 WorkCompCentral Comp Laude Award for Philanthropy stands out, highlighting her selfless contributions and profound impact on the community. This prestigious award, coupled with her recognition as the RISE Mentor of the Year, underscores Caryn's generous spirit and dedication to fostering the growth and development of the industry's future leaders. Caryn's role as a mentor extends beyond accolades; her active involvement with the School of Risk Management and Insurance epitomizes her deep-seated belief in the importance of nurturing new talent. Through this involvement, Caryn has imparted her vast knowledge and expertise and inspired countless young professionals to pursue and excel in their careers, ensuring continued vibrancy and innovation in risk management and insurance.

Caryn is more than just an award-winning insurance and claims management professional; she represents a source of hope, inspiration, and unwavering guidance. Her career, distinguished by a lifetime of dedication and a series of prestigious accolades, embodies the spirit of leadership and altruism. This year, Caryn's remarkable journey and contributions are being rightfully honored with the CLM Lifetime Achievement Award, a recognition that speaks volumes about her impact and legacy in the industry. As we approach the April 3 Keynote at 5 pm in San Francisco, it is an occasion to celebrate Caryn's phenomenal career and acknowledge her significant influence on the lives and professional paths of numerous individuals within the CLM Alliance and beyond. Caryn Siebert's story is a compelling testament to the power of leading with heart, profound knowledge, and a commitment that never falters. Her achievements and the deep respect she has garnered are a beacon for all aspiring leaders, illustrating the profound impact one can have through genuine dedication, mentorship, and an enduring passion for their field.

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