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Baton Rouge Popeye’s Worker Shot During Fight with Co-worker

13 Jun, 2023 Liz Carey

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Baton Rouge, LA (WorkersCompensation.com) – Police said a fight between co-workers ended in a shooting in Baton Rouge, La., one of several employee shootings over the past two weeks.

Officials said two employees were working at the Popeyes near Interstate 12 around 10:30 p.m. on May 31 when they got into a fight. The fight escalated to the point one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other.

The victim ran out of the restaurant and into a nearby Waffle House, where employees there leaped to help him, witnesses said.

Hannah Frazier, 28, was eating at the Waffle House when the victim collapsed inside the restaurant. She told WAFB waiters there jumped into action, helping the injured man by putting pressure on his wound and calling for an ambulance.

“That waiter, Rowland, was an amazing person that night. To see [Rowland] help that man, and then go right to cleaning the blood up and going back in to continue his shift. Incredible,” she told WAFB.

Other employees helped to move children in the Waffle House into a locked bathroom until police could arrive.

Police said the shooter ran from the Popeyes after the shooting as well, and that the incident is under investigation.

In Flint, Mich., police are investigating a shooting that left an MTA employee dead and bus service interrupted.

An officer with the Flint Police Department assigned to the Flint MTA terminal said he heard gunshots and turned around to see the suspect running from the area. A 21-year-old employee working at a store inside of the terminal was shot and killed in the incident.

Investigators said they felt the shooting was a targeted attack and did not identify either the shooter or the victim on Thursday. Bus service at the terminal was suspended during the investigation.

“I appreciate the urgency of individuals having to catch the bus, but we have a 21-year-old male victim that lost his life,” Flint Police Chief Terence Green said. “This is unfortunate, and we apologize for any inconvenience it provides, but we have a 21-year-old male victim, an employee of a shop here, that lost their life. We want to do this properly and thoroughly in order to get this victim justice.”
Flint Mayor Sheldon Neely expressed his sincere condolences to the family of the victim.
“Every life lost is a blow to our entire community. The city of Flint remains under a gun violence emergency, allowing us to proactively fight gun violence and harness more resources for public safety,” Neely said. “I am grateful for the heroic efforts of our Flint Police Department officers, especially Officer Essex, and all of our law enforcement partners who helped restore calm to our city this afternoon.”

In Washington, D.C., a restaurant worker was shot after a dispute with a customer.

Officials said an employee at Tony’s Place on H Street was seriously hurt after a customer shot him multiple times. According to police, the shooter walked into the restaurant around 12:45 p.m. on June 1 and got into an argument with the employee. Cmdr. Kevin Kentish said the man then pulled out a gun and shot the worker several times.

The employee was rushed to the hospital. Tony’s owner told news crews at the scene that she felt the employee was going to be okay.

“Conflict resolution is sorely needed in the District of Columbia. We’re having minor arguments that turn out with people being shot,” Kentish said.

And in Queens, a shooting at a restaurant left a worker injured and customers running for cover.

On Saturday, June 3, police in Queens said they were called to the Boishakhi Restaurant on 35th Avenue in Astoria. Workers there said a man walked into the restaurant with a gun looking for the employee. When he found him, he shot the employee several times.

Surveillance video from the restaurant showed the man entering the restaurant and customers running for cover. The gunman chased the employee around the restaurant, trying to get a good shot, as diners searched for safety. Eventually, the employee stumbles out of the door and makes his way across the street.

The shooter left the scene before the police arrived. Standers by helped the victim as he laid on the street bleeding, officials said. The employee was shot in his lower body and taken to a hospital nearby. Police said his condition was stable as of Sunday night.

The restaurant owner told police the shooter had a history with the employee and was angry.

The shooting at Boishakhi happened the same day as thousands of people gathered across New York City, and across the country to protest gun violence.

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