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State Round-Up: What’s the Latest in N.J. Workers’ Comp?

08 May, 2023 Frank Ferreri

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Newark, NJ ( -- Thanks to our friends at Horizon Casualty Services, Inc., we get to bring you the latest in New Jersey workers' comp. Here's the round-up of the most recent Garden State stories we've covered:

N.J. Workers’ Compensation Carriers, Self-Insureds Contact Information (02/21/24)

What you'll learn: The state-required contact info for carriers and self-insureds operating in New Jersey.

Employees Killed by Falling Objects (01/08/24)

What you'll learn: How several workers across the Garden State tragically lost their lives as the result of objects falling in the workplace.

Quick Hits: N.J. Maximum and Minimum Compensation Rates (12/06/23)

What you'll learn: How the rates for '24 compare to those from '23.

Quick Hit: N.J. Rules for ‘In the Course of Employment’ (11/26/23)

What you'll learn: The four rules Garden State courts apply to determine whether an employee is acting in the course of her employment when an injury occurs but it's not entirely clear whether she was on or off the job.

What Do You Think: Was N.J. Worker’s Car Crash ‘In Course of Employment’ Under ‘Authorized Vehicle Rule’? (11/26/23)

What you'll learn: How the authorized vehicle rule influenced the case of a pest control tech who was seriously injured on his way to replenish his supplies before heading to his first jobsite of the day.

What Do You Think: Does Taking ‘Scenic Route’ to Jobsite Make Motorcycle Injuries Non-Compensable? (11/07/23)

What you'll learn: Whether taking the more visually appealing route while borrowing a friend's motorcyle was within the course of a workers' employment.

Technology Driving Business Success! (10/31/23)

What you'll learn: How Horizon is using TrakSuite technology to help injured workers.

What Do You Think: Did Excavator Operator who Went Unconscious Hit Head in Course of Employment? - (10/08/23)

What you'll learn: Whether a worker's alleged head injury happened on the job -- or not.

N.J. Nurse Fails to Demonstrate Workers’ Comp Retaliation after Absence-Fueled Termination (10/05/23)

What you'll learn: Why, despite allegations of racist comments and a termination not long after she sought benefits, an employee didn't connect enough dots to show workers' compensation retaliation.

What’s a ‘Section 20’ Settlement in N.J.? (08/24/23)

What you'll learn: When a Section 20 settlement can be had and why a judge rejected one in a recent case.

New Jersey Workers' Compensation Contact Information (08/11/23)

What you'll learn: From whom and where to find information about workers' compensation claims throughout the Garden State,

Case Lesson: N.J. Snowplow-related Injury in Parking Lot ‘Arose Out Of,’ ‘In Course Of’ Library Employee’s Job (07/18/23)

What you'll learn: Why a library employee's injuries after work was over were compensable under state law.

Employee Might have had COVID, but N.J. Employer’s Terminating him didn’t Show Perception of Disability (06/15/23)

What you'll learn: What does it take for an employee to show that his employer perceived that he had a disability and discriminated against him because of it?

N.J. Top Court Upholds $861K Award for Worker with Crushed, Amputated Foot (06/05/23)

What you'll learn: Does the "Galvao test" require that a jury, rather than a judge, determine whether a negligent worker who causes an accident was or wasn't a "borrowed employee" of a "special employer."

NJ Targets Rampant Misclassification of Drywall Workers (06/02/23)

What you'll learn: N.J. expert Jon Gelman explains the importance of state action -- and a $167,060.60 fine -- on the problem of misclassifying drywall workers to keep them "off the books."

N.J. Worker’s Case Offers no Basis for Federal Jurisdiction (05/12/23)

What you'll learn: Why couldn't an injured worker get his case for additional benefits into federal court? Get a lesson in jurisdiction.

The Case for Increased Counsel Fees (05/10/23)

What you'll learn: What good could increasing counsel feels, as proposed legislation aims to do, for workers' compensation claims?

History Lesson: N.J. PIP & Workers’ Compensation Benefits (05/08/23)

What you'll learn: What has been the Garden State's stance on the overlap between PIP and workers' compensation benefits? Take a look at an old case for what the precedent has been.

Cheat Sheet: N.J. Dispute Over Compensation (05/08/23)

What you'll learn: State rules on disputes and settlements, plus why a gas station worker's widow could not sue an employer for negligence over the worker's murder that took place when the gas station was being robbed. 

New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission Issues Guidance for Workplaces (09/27/22)

What you'll learn: What can an employer do if they think a worker presents a safety threat due to cannabis use on the clock?

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