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By: Horizon Casualty Services, Inc. 

No matter the industry, technology is a driving force. In the ever-evolving landscape of Workers’ Compensation (WC) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP), technology stands as a catalyst for profound transformation. A thriving company must seamlessly integrate technology into their services to allow for more efficient, cost-effective, and client focused services while simultaneously ensuring the well-being of injured workers. When having medical and administrative processes that traditionally rely on manual and paper-based systems, they often lead to inefficiencies, delays, and increased costs for business. The use of advanced technology-driven solutions has become a necessity rather than a mere convenience. 

Horizon Casualty Services, Inc. (HCS) is the leading provider of PPO services in the State of New Jersey. A key factor that drives success in this niche sector is the blending of deep knowledge of business needs and technological capabilities. HCS recognized that harnessing the power of technology was key to unlocking greater efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Committed to leveraging technology for business success, the leadership team knew that offering innovative (and automated) solutions would satisfy client needs. The Executive team worked with the in-house Information Technology (IT) team to create a customized and flexible TrakSuite of applications.  

Building From the Ground Up 

TrakSuite applications support a wide range of services from data capture to case management for both employees and clients. Michael Younker, Manager of Business Solutions for HCS, points out that “Rather than relying on off-the-shelf applications that often offer one-size-fits-all solutions, HCS’ initial decision was to invest in building its TrakSuite of applications from the ground up.” The Business worked collaboratively with IT to tailor technology precisely to client requirements. This solution has been providing best-in-class technology to HCS’ clients with a keen focus on customer needs, efficiencies, regulations and compliance mandates.  

The Role of Technology  

In speaking with David Linton, Director of Enterprise Applications, he indicated that all applications are designed and focused on business requirements, with intuitive navigation and the appropriate role-based security. Linton describes the HCS applications as being tightly integrated, providing users with full transparency throughout the entire claim management and medical bill pricing processes from start to finish. Linton states, “HCS keeps a focus on technology because as capabilities increase there’s a direct correlation with customer expectations. The priority of the HCS technology roadmap is to maintain up-to-date technology while replacing and sun setting legacy or outdated applications.” 

Automation and Streamlining 

The TrakSuite applications provide automation and streamlined workflows. This allows its users to effectively manage their daily tasks and communicate across departments in an efficient manner with the primary focus of helping the injured worker. The intuitive nature of the navigation across the TrakSuite applications allows any new users with the proper role-based security to quickly become proficient in finding and viewing relevant information, documenting findings, scheduling tasks, triggering or working assigned tasks while meeting or exceeding customer service level agreements (SLA). Claims processing, data reporting, and document management, have all been streamlined, resulting in faster turnarounds, reduced errors, and significant cost savings.  

Delivering Superior Outcomes 

The HCS applications have features that create efficiencies for the users. A good example can be found in the Provider Search Application, in which the search results display both specialty and body part area of expertise of the provider. This function enables the case manager or care coordinator to quickly find and schedule an appointment with the right provider for the injured worker. Having this type of information at the fingertips of the case managers allows for expedient and accurate care direction.  

Technology for Business Success 

These proprietary applications have undoubtedly contributed to the success of HCS, its clients and ultimately the injured workers. At the heart of it all, the HCS commitment is to deliver superior outcomes for claimants. The HCS journey is an example of how the combination of business expertise and technology can drive success in even the most challenging industries.  

For More Information 

For more information, email Jed Hoban, HCS Business Development Executive, at Jed_Hoban@HorizonBlue.com or visit or visit https://www.horizonblue.com/horizoncasualty/. 

About Horizon Casualty Services, Inc. 

Horizon Casualty Services Inc., an affiliate of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, in business since 1994, is a leading PPO in New Jersey workers’ compensation and personal injury protection. The company’s 100% direct-contracted provider network includes almost all New Jersey acute care hospitals, significant overall WC savings and, with its deep focus on precision, an extremely low WC appeals rate of 0.2%. Its PPO results, combined with its WC healthcare value and OFN strategy, enables insurers to be the best at delivering quality medical care to claimants at the right cost — clearly a win-win for all. 

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