Workplace Health and Safety – A Step Backwards

Guest Blog by Jon Rehm 

The recent agreement on the Federal budget includes $49 million in cuts to worker safety and health programs at the the Department of Labor. These cuts were not as drastic as the $99 million that House Republicans had proposed cutting from OSHA alone. However even with the compromise, less money will be spent on workplace safety and health by the federal government this next fiscal year than was spent this past fiscal year. The need for improvements in workplace safety are pressing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 965,000 injuries that caused employees to miss work in 2009. There were also 4,340 employees killed at work in 2009.

Workplace safety and health took a step backward as a result of the recent budget agreement. True things could have been worse, but that is no comfort when we should be doing better in regards to workplace safety and health.

Jon Rehm practices in Lincoln, Nebraska (Rehm, Bennett & Moore, PC, LLO). He concentrates his practice on representing injured workers and their families. He hold a  degree in journalism from Northwestern University(B.S.) and a law degree from Nebraska College of Law(J.D.).  Jon is a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association, the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys and the Workplace Injury Law Advocacy Group.
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