Announces Release Of Virtual Claims Kit


Sarasota, FL (CompNewsNetwork) – today announced that its newest product, the “Virtual Claims Kit” was now available. The Virtual Claims Kit is a fully branded service that carriers and employers can use within their client or employee portal. The VCK provides all the necessary documents and information needed in all 50 states (plus DC) for employer claims reporting compliance.

Some of the information contained in the Claims Kit is:

·       -  Posters

·       -  Posting requirements

·       -  Brochures

·       -  Employee Notifications

·       -  Employer Reporting Requirements

·       -  Custom Letters & Forms

·       -  Claim Handling Information

This service frees companies from a burdensome and resource intensive  process, and allows them to redirect resources to more productive means. The forms and data within the Virtual Claims Kit are part of the core library within the company's application, and will be continually updated as part of the ongoing service. remains the company's central subscription service, which provides source support for both the FlashForm SSL Forms Auto-Population system and the Virtual Claims Kit.

For more information you may download the attached brochure, or visit

Those interested in a remote demonstration of the Virtual Claims Kit can call the company at (866) 927-COMP (2667).

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