Why Did Fealgood Foundation Invite Worby Groner Edelman Napoli Bern to Speak at Zadroga Lawyer Forum?


In a bizarre twist, the non-profit FealGood Foundation recently invited the much criticized "9/11 victim" law firm, Worby Groner & Edelman and Napoli Bern , LLP   to speak at their  Zadroga Act Claim  legal forum on 3/20/2011. "Something" must have caused these former adversaries  to kiss and make up!  

The NY Daily News has previously stated that the Worby Napoli lawyers exploited John Feal's name.    This is what John Feal said just last year about Napoli Bern:

Dear Friends, Supporters and Fellow First Responders,

Today I have been forwarded a disturbing and ethically questionable email from the law firm of Worby, Groner, Napoli & Bern, LLP. First, "Napoli Bern" does not, and has never,  represented  me in any legal action. Unfortunately, the email does not make this clear and may mislead readers.

Second, I am not and have never been, a litigant in the 9/11 "class action" lawsuit involving Napoli Bern. I have maintained an individual lawsuit for many years. Any legal actions taken by me and my private attorney have no reflection on the "class action" suit and any attempts to draw such a conclusion are unwarranted and, in regards to Napoli Bern, unauthorized. Why Napoli Bern has chosen a non-litigant to this suit as an example of the actions you should take in settling your suit is questionable to say the least. I urge you to discuss your individual cases with your attorney and make your own independent decisions moving forward. Please do not look to the steps taken by my attorney as indicating what the best legal action is in your case.

I am saddened and upset that a law firm that is entrusted with the legal care of over 9,000 First Responders would choose to release the personal information of another, non-client responder and use such information to pressure litigants into settling their own cases. I will be addressing this matter with appropriate authorities immediately.

It is my sincere hope that you make your legal decisions based on your own independent factors and I wish you well in your decision making.

God bless you and God bless America
"Any Nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure"
                                                            Abraham Lincoln
Peace & Love
John Feal
Founder & President

The invitation to the "legal forum"  was not rescinded by the FealGood Foundation despite federal court Judge Alvin Hellerstein the prior week giving the Napoli Bern firm a severe "dressing down" on how it has represented certain 9/11 victims.  Judge Hellerstein stated:

"Having thus been in conflict for months, and having done nothing about it, Napoli Bern failed to give these 59 Plaintiffs the proper representation to which they were entitled.

Instead, Napoli Bern favored the needs of the thousands of other clients whom it also represented. That this happened is hardly surprising, especially when one considers the possibility that Napoli Bern had financial motivations for preferring its thousands of settling clients."

Then just yesterday, Worby Napoli got caught up in the "fake 9/11 fireman ad" controversy reported in the New York Post.  I wonder now how happy the Fealgood Foundation is that they are implicitly recommending this law firm to 9/11 responders and victims for representation? 

What could have prompted the non-profit FealGood Foundation, in need of funds, to do a 180 degree turn around from it's previous denunciation of the Napoli Bern law firm? Hmmm...

As I have said before, John Feal is a hero.  He is tarnishing his own reputation, and all those who work so tirelessly for the FealGood Foundation, by being involved in this lawyer circus. By recommending that 9/11 victims first go through a lawyer on the Fealgood Foundation Board of Directors, the more questionable the process becomes.

John Feal should follow the advice he previously gave in the letter to his Friends above : "It is my sincere hope that you make your legal decisions based on your own independent factors and I wish you well in your decision making."

The credibility of the entire FealGood Foundation is on the line now given their new association with the law firms of Worby Groner & Edelman and Napoli Bern. 9/11 victims and responders deserve better.









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