When Urine Trouble With the IT Guy – Attraction Stains Employee Relations

30 May, 2012 Bob Wilson


It's not as if a corporate risk manager has enough to worry about. Now comes a story about an Iowa company's employee urinating in the empty seats of those female co-workers he found attractive.

I've heard of marking your territory, but this is ridiculous. At least he waited until they were out of their chairs….

Hard to imagine, but, the story actually gets a bit creepier. The 59 year old Farm Bureau Financial Services employee worked in the information technology department, giving him access to the employee database, including workers' photos. He allegedly perused through those photos, and selected the female employees he thought most attractive.  He had never actually spoken to these women. He just wanted to pee in their empty chairs after they had left for the day.

Perhaps he was just one of those “shy bladder” guys, and this was simply his own reasonable accommodation that the EEOC says he is now entitled to.

Employees had been complaining about stains and strange odors, and the company installed video surveillance equipment to get to the bottom of the mystery. The video caught him doing the deed on a Saturday when no one else was in the office. Additionally it did prove that some men are capable of hitting what they aim at, but that is really not relevant to the story. It is a good thing that they didn't have this particular IT guy install the cameras.

It is a bit ironic, as many people in corporate America have long felt as though their IT guy was pissing on them, but up until now it was generally a metaphoric phenomena. This guy made it a literal endeavor.

Company officials estimate the damages at $4,500, saying about 10 chairs were ruined in the free pee spree. Talk about pissing money away – although I would say that they must be pretty nice chairs at $450 a pop. The man was terminated without incident, admitting that he “was doing inappropriate things I shouldn't be doing.”

I'll say. Understatement of the week.


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