Top 10 Surgery Center Violations

A recent report reveals that 1 out of 2 surgical centers have serious health safety violations. Workers' compensation insurance carriers, as well as others, rely heavily upon these centers for surgery since they are less costly to operate than hospitals.

The New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute, (NJDHQI) reviewed state violations in a program funded by a Federal grant. NJDHQI published a report noting that more than 25% of the surgery centers were cited for "Immediate Jeopardy," which is a violation defined as noncompliance with established rules that has caused, or is likely to cause, serious injury, impairment or death to a patient.

The top violations were:
  • Staff members waled through the sterile operating room in street clothes
  • The surgery center did not have mandated emergency equipment and medicines on site
  • The surgery centers had no system to track controlled and regulated medications on site
  • Physicians and staff did not have current licenses and credentials
  • The patient beds and floors were not sanitized correctly
  • Surgical instruments were not cleaned or sanitized correctly
  • The staff filled out patient charts in advance for convenience
  • Single use items were used more then once on a patient
  • The facility did not maintain an ongoing infection control program
  • The surgery center failed to obtain consent from patients prior to permitting physician residents in a educational program participate in their surgeries.

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