Study Evening and Night Work in Elder Care More Stressful than Days

According to a recent Danish study, worse support from managers, more physical and mental abuse and a higher physical workload leads to more stress for nighttime workers.
That is partly what the staff at evening and night shifts in eldercare experience compared to their counterparts on day shift.
Researcher Kirsten Nabe-Nielsen performed the analysis, with the aim of the doctoral study being to investigate work-related health problems among shift workers in the Danish elderly. The studies were supported by the rate adjustment pool funds.
Questionnaire data collected from a cohort consisting of 2,870 newly-trained social and healthcare helpers and assistants showed that:
1.      Upcoming shift workers lived more unhealthy than the next day work, even before they came into work
2.      Smoking increased the probability of having evening, night work or work in 2/3-holdsskift night work a year later.
Cross-sectional data from questionnaires collected from 4,590 nursing staff in elder care showed:
1.      Evening and night workers experienced lower quantitative requirements (i.e. the requirement to work quickly and cope with large workloads), lower job control, lower support from their leaders, more physical and mental violence, and a higher physical workload in relation to their colleagues on a day shift;
2.      Apparently coincidences of adverse health factors among shift workers, which may contribute to why shift workers, are becoming more ill.
Data from an intervention study among 321 employees in elderly care and a follow-up measurement with 297 participants, who completed questionnaires, had blood tests and were interviewed showed:
1.      Self-selected working hours increased the proportion of employees who were involved in planning their own working hours, from 19 percent to 97 percent;
2.      Study could not demonstrate that self-selected working hours resulting in improved health and wellbeing.
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