Singapore Construction Workplace Deaths Remain High

Even though the number of workplace deaths last year in Singapore has declined, the number of deaths in the construction sector remained high – with 32 last year, one more than in 2009. 
According to statistics from a Workplace Safety and Health Council report, the deaths in the construction sector make up 58 percent of the total number of workplace deaths, which has dropped from 70 in 2009 to 55 last year. (WCxKit)
According to, among all the sectors, construction was the only one where the number of deaths did not fall.
The number of deathsin the sector, in fact, has "stagnated in the past few years" amid improvements shown in other sectors, the report stated.
It added: "This calls for serious action to be taken by construction leaders to improve management of safety at worksites."
The council had, in 2008, gathered leading developers and contractors which pledged to reduce fatalities.
The 19 companies which came onboard put in place plans that resulted in a decline in fatalities in their firms, from 13 in 2009 to seven in 2010.
These companies will embark on two new initiatives this year, including spearheading a peer review group to share best practices for work-from-height or crane activities.
The firms will also incorporate the Design for Safety (DfS) program in their new projects. (WCxKit)
Later this year, the council will unveil the DfS Mark – a recognition scheme for developers who have adopted DfS and will be awarded on project basis upon assessment.
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