SAIF Hypocrisy is Clearer in Color

21 Aug, 2014 Bob Wilson


This is just a quick update to yesterday's post, where we published a grainy black and white scan of a photo showing the faux branding of a SAIF employee by then CEO Brenda Rocklin, and compared it to the treatment of her successor, John Plotkin. That post had only been online a couple hours when I was emailed a much clearer color version of that photo by another anonymous contributor.

I must say, the hypocrisy is so much clearer in color.

Click on the image for a more detailed view

There are a couple of things in this version either not visible or subdued in the one posted yesterday. First, a commenter pointed out that I “missed the leopard skin headband on the hat” (everybody is a critic), so with this color version I did want to remedy that oversight.

However, my favorite addition is the sign just over Rocklin's head, not visible in the prior version. It reads, simply, “Stable”.

In the interest of fairness, we analyzed this photo fairly closely, and the sign to the right of “Stable” (other side of fake tree) reads “Professional”, and the one to the right from there starts with “Eff”, which I assume may be “Efficient”. It is entirely possible that these signs were simply a poorly positioned part of the motivational efforts of a Big Brotherish entity, and that is all.

But my first thought when I saw “Stable” over the branding of a subordinate was that a stable is where you generally house your beasts of burden.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that......


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