Roofing and Construction Injuries Top List of British Columbia Workplace Safety Fines

In 2010, WorkSafeBC (British Columbia) imposed 256 penalties, totaling $3,163,898 against employers for violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and theWorkers Compensation Act.
The 256 penalties issued in 2010 were imposed against 232 individual employers, with penalty amounts ranging from $1,000 to $145,046.98. A total of 12 incidents in which an employer was penalized involved a fatality. (WCxKit)
WorkSafeBC penalizes employers who have not been motivated by other means to comply with their responsibility to ensure their workplaces are healthy and safe,” said Donna Wilson, vice president of the Industry Services & Sustainability Division of WorkSafeBC. “A penalty is not imposed if an employer is found to have taken all reasonable steps to prevent circumstances that involve violations that can lead to serious injury or death.”
Employers from 58 industry classifications received penalties in 2010. Companies in five construction-related classifications accounted for 65% (168) of the penalties imposed. Those companies were in the following industry classifications:

1.      Steep Slope Roofing – 34.7% 89)

2.      House or Other Wood Frame General Contracting, Construction or Renovation Work – 11.3% (29)

3.      Framing or Residential Forming – 10.9% (28)

4.      Low Slope Roofing – 4.68% (12)

5.      Industrial, Commercial, Institutional or Highrise Residential General Contracting or Construction – 3.9% (10)

Administrative penalties are not the only means to motivate an employer to comply with the Regulation and the Act. Following is a list of WorkSafeBCs enforcement activities in 2010:

1.      41,813 inspection reports issued

2.      74,565 orders written

3.      143 investigations completed (includes fatal and serious injury investigations only).(WCxKit)

WorkSafeBC has prioritized enforcement in recent years, significantly increasing the number of compliance and safety officers: to 247 in 2010 from 185 in 2004 to a 33% increase.
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