Return to Work Using Workers on Loan to Increase Productivity

I am a big fan of return to work in alternate situations when no on-site opportunites are available, so I would like to share information about a formalized way to develop a not-for-profit return to work program. In addition to workers being more productive and healing faster, I have had several instances where employees continue to work in the volunteer positions long after they have returned to their original job. They remain, because they find they enjoy their volunteer positions and like making a contribution to their communities.

Work is therapeutic. It keeps people active, engaged and moving. For your injured employees, work serves as an effective tool to expedite a more sustained return to work. Employers have discovered using a worker on loan program facilitates a smooth transitional duty assignment to help:

1.     Employees continue their recovery.
2.     Shorten claim durations.
3.     Return the worker to productivity.
Returning workers to employment as quickly as possible is a proven and effective strategy for accelerating recovery. A worker on loan program is a solution for employers unable to create meaningful transitional duty assignments for an individual. Through partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, a controlled setting is created for recovering employees that can effectively combat the long-term injury syndrome. (WCxKit)
Nonprofits participating in a worker on loan program provide positions for the employee, while the employer continues to pay wages or workers compensation benefits. The tasks and schedules are designed to work within the employees' limitations as prescribed by the treating provider. The transitional duty assignment works toward:
1.     An assessment of functionality.
2.     Improved progress in vocational rehabilitation.
3.     The appropriate release from provider care.
4.     The employee reaching a functionality that can be accommodated by their employer.
These program consistently show positive results, with approximately 80% of participants returning to full duty sooner than anticipated due to the physical and mental benefits provided by transitional work.
Everyone Benefits:
1.     Local nonprofit organizations receive much needed assistance.
2.     Employees continue to earn wages or receive benefits while contributing to their own recovery.
3.     Employers obtain a means to advance return to work.
4.     Employers generate good will within their local community. (WCxKit)
5.     Overall loss costs including medical can be reduced due to the expedited recovery.
Extracted with Permission: WORKER ON LOAN (trademark SM)
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