Researchers Evaluate Impact of Solvents on Pregnant Workers

French researchers are again speaking of alarming elements that concern the noxiousness of solvents and their relationship to pregnant women and their child to be born.
The study covering 3,400 working women has established a relationship between the frequency of professional exposure to solvents in early pregnancy and the appearance of major malformations. (WCxKit)
Among the women most exposed, the risk of giving birth to a child with a birth defect is approximately 2.5 times higher than among women not exposed. The major birth defects were in the mouth area (hare lip), kidney and urinary tract malformations and genital malformations in boys.
The results show, a relation between the frequency of the professional exposition to the solvents at first of pregnancy and the appearance of major malformations. The malformations to the birth are rather rare and concern 2 to 3% of the newborn ones. 
The solvents are liquids that have the property to dissolve, to dilute or to extract other substances without provoking chemical modification of these substances and without themselves to modify themselves. (WCxKit)
They are used in many sectors of professional activity. One finds them in the products of cleaning and of discussion, paints, and cosmetics. They pass the placental barrier and can endanger the development of the fetus. 

Author Robert Elliott
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