Pending California Bill Would Limit Workplace Violence Against Medical Staff

A bill designed to prevent violent acts against healthcare workers was recently introduced in the California Assembly. Assembly Bill 30 (AB 30) would bolster existing laws mandating hospitals to have safety and security plans.
The measure is in response to the October death of Cynthia Palomata, an RN, who died after an attack at a California detention center. (WCxKit)
AB 30 if passed would necessitate:

1.     Certain types of security measures when hospitals update their security plans.

2.     Employees to receive proper violence prevention and response training.

3.     Hospitals to improve reporting of violent incidents.

4.     The California Correctional Standards Authority to establish standards for safety to protect healthcare workers in correctional facilities. (WCxKit)

5.     Medical workers would have the right to involve local law enforcement in cases of workplace violence.

6.     The state would be able to impose fines against hospitals failing to comply.


Author Robert Elliott
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