Oregon to Receive 3.6 Million as Part of AIG Settlement

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services reported on March 9 that American International Group will pay $100 million in fines under a settlement with all 50 states — which includes $3.6 million for Oregon — over reporting errors for premiums on workers compensation insurance.
AIG will also pay $46.5 million in taxes and assessments, and could pay added fines, up to $150 million, if it does not adhere to a compliance plan, according to the ODCBS. (WCxKit)
A two-year review of bailed-insurer and its Chartis insurance unit came to the conclusion that the companies misreported $2.12 billion in workers comp premiums across the U.S.
The misreporting led to a $2.4 million underpayment to Oregons workers comp premium assessment, which funds workplace safety and workers comp programs in the state.
In addition to paying that $2.4 million to the consumer agency, AIG will pay a $1.2 million penalty, which will go into Oregons general fund.
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