New Zealand Reminds Younger Employees of Their Workplace Rights

New Zealand high school and tertiary students are being reminded to make sure theyre aware of their employment rights and obligations with many in part or full-time employment during the summer holidays.
Its important that all workers, including young workers are aware of their entitlements and know how to keep safe at work,” says Craig Smith, the Department of Labors chief adviser employer relations. (WCxKit)
We've recently set up a specific website for young workers – My First Job. It provides access to all the basics students or young workers need to know about tax and pay and getting the breaks, leave and holidays theyre entitled to,” Smith noted. “Theres a section on employment agreements – what they look like, how to get one and how to negotiate changes before signing one.
Written employment agreements are a legal requirement. They are the most basic protection for any worker and many young workers may not even know they should have one. They provide complete clarity over what is expected of the student and what the employer will provide – no worker should start a job without one.
This is a busy time for many young workers, trying to save as much money as possible during the summer holiday period and its important they are aware of their rights.”
The site also provides information for employers on their health and safety responsibilities when hiring young workers. (WCxKit)
Its crucial that employers give students the right training to ensure they can do the job safely,” Smith added. “Many of these workers will be employed on a casual or part-time basis and may not have had any formal training or qualifications for the role they are fulfilling.”

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