New Zealand Dishonesty Conviction in Workers Comp Case

New Zealands Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has welcomed the conviction of Daryl Adair Ramsay, who was sentenced to nine months home detention in the Waitakere District Court recently.
Ramsay, of Waitakere City, faced 18 charges of dishonestly using a document under the Crimes Act, for a period of offending which spanned more than four years. (WCxKit)
On July 3, 2003, Ramsay, who at the time was national service manager for a commercial cleaning company, injured his neck and shoulder. He supplied ACC with a medical certificate stating that he was unable to work because of his injury, and ACC began paying him weekly compensation for lost earnings from July 17, 2003.
For approximately four years Ramsay supplied further medical certificates to ACC, advising that he was fully unfit for work, and ACC kept paying weekly compensation. Throughout this period Ramsay constantly misrepresented his employment status and submitted a significant number of false declarations to ACC.
In May 2007, ACC launched an investigation which revealed Ramsay had begun operating a business, ‘D'Z Contracting', within five months of his injury. He had both worked physically for and received income from this business during the period when he was receiving weekly compensation. (WCxKit)
In total, Ramsay received $133,525 from ACC to which he was not entitled. As well as the sentence of home detention, Ramsay was also ordered to repay a portion of the money fraudulently obtained.
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