My Blogs First Birthday – A Top Ten Favorite List

09 Aug, 2012 Bob Wilson


August 9th represents the one year anniversary of this blog, "From Bob's Cluttered Desk". When I launched it, I really had no idea what I would use it for, or how often I would post. When I announced the blog, I wrote at the time that I hoped to post with more reliability than a pre-Mussolini train schedule.

In fact, I think I have exceeded my own expectations on that point, and truth be told, have enjoyed this endeavor far more than I anticipated I would. I am having a ball. Hate to tell you, but I intend to continue. You will have to put up with me for a little while more.

I know it is hard to imagine such intellectual wizardry coming from the mind of a man whose desk looks like this:

Then again, maybe not.....

Meanwhile, to commemorate this less than auspicious event, I thought I would write one of my "Top Ten" lists, covering some of my favorite stories and/or moments related to my blog over this last year. This was tough, as there were so many things I enjoyed as a result of writing here. However, in no particular order, here are ten of my favorites:

  1. The Friends of Sandy Blunt -
    I had the pleasure this year of working with some of the industries most talented bloggers, and Dave Depaolo, in publicizing the injustices done to Sandy Blunt within the People's Republic of North Dakota. It is a worthy cause with an uncertain outcome, but we continue to hope the best for him. Out of these activities, a small but loyal group of people have formed the Friends of Sandy Blunt group on LinkedIn. (And thankfully Depaolo has shown a gracious sense of humor over the year. I hope it holds through at least one more article)

  2. The first ever (drink) gathering of the "Friends of Sandy Blunt" -
    A number of us from this group had the opportunity to share a drink with Sandy during the Philly RIMS conference this year.

    Cab fare: $15
    Drinks: $25
    The look on Joe Paduda's face when I told him that "my man" Dick Cheney had a new heart and I was hopeful of his ascent to the Presidency: Priceless
    (it was the first time I had ever seen Joe's mouth open with nothing coming out)

  3. Arkansas' Dead Doctor Dilemma -
    There was a story out of Arkansas where a woman was denied access to a new doctor despite the death of her current one. I selected this one because the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission responded directly on LinkedIn to explain their position. I respect that. 2 weeks later they changed the policy about which I had written to fix the issue. I doubt it was my article that necessitated that change, but it was nice to see a responsible agency respond to our concerns.

  4. My shell shocked friend Bill Teets -
    I Took a humorous jab at a story involving an Ohio BWC employee who had run up a large phone bill on the agencies tab. In that story I referred to the “Shell Shocked” spokesman who looked as though he had lost the coin toss in a news report video. It was the first time I am aware of that someone I had poked fun at turned out to be a reader of my blog. BWC Director of Communications Bill Teets, who had been featured in the news report, responded to the article, albeit quite graciously. It was a little unnerving for me, as I didn't think anyone was actually reading it.

  5. My Top Ten Predictions for 2012 -
    A mid-year review shows I haven't done so well on these, but we still have a number of months to go...

  6. LexisNexis selecting my blog as a Top 25 Blog for Workers' Compensation -
    I was in Las Vegas at the National Conference when I got the news of this tremendous honor. I am listed with some very intelligent and outstanding company. I am not sure I earned it, but certainly do appreciate it.

  7. My series of articles related to changing the way we treat and view permanent disabilities  -
    Most importantly, I passionately believe we can improve both the system and the care it provides if we start changing our focus on disability and recovery management. The fact that these articles prompted some very nice speaking invitations was just icing on the cake.

  8. The first time someone recognized me from my blog and complimented me on it, in front of my wife -
    For a woman more accustomed to having to leave places when I am recognized, it was a dramatic change. It was a short and simple moment, but let her know that I wasn't just posting lonely words in the ether. I had told her I had at least 3 regular readers. Damn coincidence running into one halfway across the country.

  9. The Oklahoma Department of Insurance Email Verification System -
    If you are familiar with this story, you will know there is no such thing. I've taken some pot shots and made criticisms of some agencies and their policies, but I didn't have as much fun with any of them like I did with the poor folks at the OK DOI. An errant email was sent from their agency that was, shall we say, "not ready for prime time", and the result was an hilarious opportunity to have a little fun with them.

  10. New friends and acquaintances -
    Hands down my favorite item on this list. My articles have allowed me to have discussions with dynamic people from all segments of our industry - and not one of those discussions was of the "cease and desist" variety. I've had the opportunity to work more closely with some of the greatest writers and thinkers in our industry. Relationships have developed on several LinkedIn groups where the managers graciously allow me to post them, and I genuinely enjoy the follow up discussions that some of the things I write have started.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and provided invaluable feedback over the last year. Your comments, ideas and support mean more than I can say.

Now to 2013, and beyond…..


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