Mental Injury by Students Practical Joke, Bank Robbery

No Compensation for Mental Injury Caused by Students Practical Joke.  In Delrie v. Peabody Magnet High School, 2010 La. App. LEXIS 837, a Louisiana appellate court affirmed a decision by the states Office of Workers Compensation which found in favor of the employer and dismissed the claim of a high school teacher who claimed to have sustained a compensable mental injury when a student, as a practical joke, entered her room, claiming that people were shooting inside the school. See Larson's Workers Compensation Law   Ch. 56[2] n22.1
Bank Employee Awarded Benefits for Mental Injury Following Robbery.  An Ohio bank employee, who was present at the time of an armed robbery, who did not sustain any physical injury as a result of the incident, but who claimed psychological injuries resulting from witnessing a police officer being shot to death, may recover workers compensation benefits in spite of the restrictive rule in Ohio regarding mental injuries, indicated an Ohio appellate court. See Larson's Workers Compensation Law Rader v. Fifth Third Bancorp, 2010 Ohio 1327, 2010 Ohio App. LEXIS 1110; Ch. 56[1] n19.1
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