Medical Treasure Trove for the Workers Comp Professional: Occupational Injuries and Illnesses


Written by medical experts for risk managers, agents and brokers, and legal practitioners, Occupational Injuries and Illnesses is a goldmine of medical data especially designed for the workers' comp professional. A leading resource for more than 20 years, this LexisNexis/Matthew Bender publication covers every major type of occupational injury and illness.

The book provides important information including  

  •     tracks developments on methods of prevention and loss control in the work setting
  •     provides medical analysis to assess, manage and develop risk and litigation strategies for workers' compensation claims
Well organized and easy-to-follow, each chapter explains the factors that contribute to work-related injuries or illnesses and highlights state-of-the-art technical data required to prove whether an injury or illness is job-related. Rounding out the offerings are helpful practice aids such as medical illustrations, and case annotations.

"As a workers' comp attorney who trains work comp managers and risk managers, this is a fantastic training tool that can be used in self-evaluation exercises. It is an excellent replacement for an out of print disability duration guide used in the past to teach new work comp managers how to locate and use relevant information such as causation and possible medical complications. Within each chapter organized by injury type, there is discussion of state case law. Work comp adjusters will find this helpful to determine how pre-existing conditions affect case outcomes in various jurisdictions. It's hard to imagine a workers comp attorney – either defense or claimant – that doesn't keep this book nearby! "

The October, 2011 edition has an updated key chapter on Risk Assessment in the Workplace that pays special attention to lead standards, cadmium contamination, and the growing risk of transmitting HBV.  Additional updates cover the ever-shifting spectrum in revised chapters on Low Back Injuries, Spinal Cord and Nerve Root Injuries, Heart Disease, and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which reflects advances in the diagnosis, treatment and transmission of this formerly fatal and now chronic disease. Available in e-book format for e-readers and tablets, on-the-go professionals can now bring this entire three-volume set with them as a handy field or courtroom reference.
Coverage of the AMA Guides in the 2011 edition is particularly helpful to the workers' comp professional that must be well versed in medico-legal complexities. Occupational Injuries and Illnesses includes an AMA Guides Handbook that has been updated throughout to include the most recent noteworthy cases interpreting the industry's bedrock of impairment evaluation, arranged by jurisdiction. There is also a new chapter that discusses Illinois's adoption of the AMA Guides Sixth Edition in the wake of that state's recent workers' comp reforms, an updated graphic displaying state-by-state use of the AMA Guides, an overhauled chart listing significant issues relating to the AMA Guides with supporting citations, and links to FREE online information available from LexisNexis Impairment Guides Resource Center.

And that is not all. New case annotations were added throughout the new edition, which summarize the most recent medical and legal  issues relating to the Head and Neck, Toxic Neuropathy, Cerebral Deficit, Radiation Exposure, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, the Spine, Chronic Pain, and Mesothelioma.
For a broad overview or a drill down into specifics, this book is the go-to medical information resource for the workers' comp layperson. Order your copy of the 2011 Edition today.





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