Managing and Mitigating Contagious Illness Risks Across Essential Industries – An Employer's Guide to Success


Are you an essential business, requiring close proximity operations without the luxury of remote work? If so, this is for you!  

The pandemic has forever changed employer responsibility and liability for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and workforce.  Contagious illness, including cold, flu, or strep, isn’t new.  Such conditions have always posed a threat of an outbreak.  What’s new is awareness by employers, employees, and the public alike.  Contagious illness no longer hides behind the label of “personal health”.  The moment a sick employee enters the workplace, it immediately becomes an employer liability – placing your operations, operators (aka employees), and customers at risk for illness transmission. 

Wondering how to adopt an impactful culture of workplace wellness, become an organization applicants seek out, and protect your business and/or professional reputation?  Start here! 

Managing and mitigation contagious illness risks

Layered Approach is What You Need

Layered approach by Axiom Medical

Mitigating risk of illness outbreak with a layered approach – sounds complicated, right? 

Stripping away the fancy terms, it’s simple – DO THE RIGHT THING. 

Most businesses agree and have already started to build the framework for maintaining safe and healthy workplaces well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For over 22 years, Axiom Medical has successfully helped national and international businesses implement Contagious Illness Case Management solutions, including: 

  • Testing 
  • Vaccination 
  • Hand Hygiene 
  • Isolation/Contact Tracing 
  • Daily Health Attestation 
  • Contagious Illness Assessment & Case Management 
  • Workplace Environmental Cleaning and Safety Controls 


If You Are in These Industries, What Are You Doing?

Just as one size doesn’t fit all, health and safety protection measures should be tailored to meet the needs of your unique employee population.   

Factors of consideration when identifying your level of risk may include: 

  • Industry Type 
  • Number of Employees 
  • Business Location 
  • Community Illness Spread
  • Risk-Leveling Categorization of Employees (Immunocompromised) 
  • Ability to Accommodate Remote Work/Hybrid Models 
  • Onsite Proximity to Other Employees 

Are you in a high-risk industry?   Looking for a starting point for creating best-practice contagious illness protection and management plans?  Start here! 

Are you looking for results and curious how Axiom Medical has successfully implemented risk mitigation strategies for high-risk industries?  Have a look at the case studies! 

Analyze your industry’s work structure and identify the risks. 

By Chitra Goel

Courtesy of Axiom Medical

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