Illinois Award for Repetitive Walking Got Me to Thinking…..

16 May, 2012 Bob Wilson


I read today about an award issued in March by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission granting benefits to a state worker for a condition associated with "repetitive walking", and it got me to thinking. The claim, from an employee of the Menard Correctional Center, a veritable claim factory in its own right, was awarded benefits due to what what was found to be the “stress” of walking. Since he spent most of his day walking on floors and climbing steps over a period of 15 years, they found his achilles tendinosis was compensable. 

As I mentioned, this got me to thinking, and after exhaustive research I have, as a public service, listed other relevant, yet little known medical conditions that surely are compensable, at least in Illinois:

Repetitive Sleeping - this condition can aggravate back and neck conditions, as well as drool induced chin rashes. Most likely, workers to suffer this would be FAA Traffic Controllers or select employees of the Menard Correctional Center.

Repetitive Sitting - workers found with this compensable condition are subject to increased risk of circulatory disease, hemorrhoids, and a little known ailment commonly referred to as "Gigantic Assinitus". Workers are encouraged to occasionally rise from their seated position and walk around, but not so much as to experience Repetitive Walking.

Repetitive Blinking - this condition is a common contributor to Scratched Eyeball Syndrome,  as well as inviting unwanted advances in workplace social events. Computer screens, fluorescent lighting and glare while driving (while on the job) can cause this condition. Recommended actions to avoid compensable claims in this area would be to establish rules requiring workers to work with their eyes closed at all times. It should be noted that people found to be suffering with Repetitive Sleeping are less likely to also be inflicted with Repetitive Blinking.

Repetitive Breathing - it has been found that virtually all inhalation claims can be attributed to this condition. Establish rules to prevent employees from breathing on the job to prevent this condition. 

Repetitive Listening - this condition is an urban legend, as it turns out no one listens to anything enough to be considered a repetitive condition.

Repetitive Stupidity - a rare condition that prohibits sound reasoning and simple logic on the job. Generally limited to select job classifications, most notably Illinois WCC Arbitrators. 


Special Note: Thanks to Mark Walls for posting this on the WCAG.


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