IAASW Seminar Preview: Maureen Longanacre of NCCI


The Insurance Auditor’s Association of the Southwest (IAASW) will hold its first Louisiana Regional Seminar October 4th and 5th at L’Auberge in Baton Rouge.

Ahead of the seminar, Louisiana Comp Blog asked speakers to give us a preview of what attendees can expect from the new event. Maureen Longanacre, Underwriting Dispute Consultant for the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) will present on longshore and maritime coverages.

Comp Blog: Tell me about your background in the industry.

Longanacre: I’ve been in the insurance industry for 25 years, and in workers’ comp for 23 years. I started out as an insurance agency manager in Louisiana and ended up working for a company called American Interstate, which is now AMERISAFE. I worked there for eight years as an underwriter, writing workers’ comp. During those eight years I was also the senior underwriter for USL&H and maritime handling that exposure only. 

Comp Blog: What is your current position? 

Longanacre: I am currently an Underwriting Dispute Consultant for NCCI. I handle 18 states on the Eastern seaboard and deal with premium disputes. After the auditors go out and do their thing and assign class codes, if folks don’t like their audit, they can dispute it to NCCI. So, everybody is mad at me. 

Comp Blog: What will your presentation at IAASW involve?

Longanacre: The topic of my presentation is Riding the Wave of Wet Exposures. I’m going to be talking about USL&H [longshore] and maritime exposures. USL&H and maritime can be added to a comp policy.

Comp Blog: What is the main takeaway that you would like attendees to gain from your presentation?

Longanacre: I would like attendees to learn that the USL&H is a separate coverage, but that it is an adjunct to comp. I’m going to focus on how you add it to the policy and how you properly rate it. This is my first time speaking at an IAASW seminar, but I am an educational board member for IAASW.


Nina Luckman is the writer and editor of New Orleans-based Louisiana Comp Blog, which launched in 2014 and is sponsored by LCI Workers' Comp. She is originally from Pennsylvania but lived most of her life in Florida. Her credentials include a Bachelor's and a Master of Arts degree from Tulane University, both in the study of English Literature. 


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