Heading to WCRI – Practice "Safe Conferencing"


Don’t be offended if handshakes aren’t offered and hugs avoided…it’s all part of “safe conferencing”, my name for the guidelines posted by the fine folk at WCRI. 

Things kick off today, but most planned to get in yesterday afternoon – me included. I’m looking forward to the discussion of economic cycles and their impact on the labor market. Economists have been predicting a significant slowdown in growth for months and things are looking shakier due to the coronavirus’ impact on travel and supply chains

Here’s an excellent piece by one of the best news sources – The Economist – on how things will be different in the next recession than in past versions, and why.

And another from the Wharton School on the virus, how business is reacting to it’s many effects, and thoughts about long-term impact(s).

(I’ll be posting on this issue next week)

Got dinners, lunches, and breakfasts all confirmed, along with a cocktail catch-up or three.

Good to see colleagues aren’t over-reacting to the coronavirus thing. Yes it’s a concern, but it is not a reason to stay home.

By Joe Paduda

Courtesy of Managed Care Matters


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