Growing the skilled workforce in Texas


Austin is expected to have more than 60,000 skilled trade job openings over the next five years. Businesses across the state, which are critical to the Texas economy, are in need of skilled workers and are up against misconceptions about working in the trades.

Texas Mutual recognized the opportunity to educate and safely train the next generation of skilled workers. Together with Workforce Solutions Capital Area and KVUE, an Austin local news station, we launched Trade Up Texas in December of last year.

By sharing stories from trade workers like Savannah Marvets, Trade Up Texas is helping to connect candidates with life-long careers to help dispel the misperceptions about working in a trade profession.

Savannah was not keen on spending money on college when she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, so she pursued a career as a pipefitter where she could earn a living while being trained as an apprentice. Now, she’s a fifth-year apprentice, gets to work with her hands every day, enjoys great benefits and work life balance, and has confidence in her job security.

In addition to Trade Up Texas, Texas Mutual is funding a skilled trades pilot with Workforce Solutions. Our funding has created a four-month manufacturing training program at Austin Community College where 14 students are currently receiving an apprenticeship, a certification and childcare services.

We are deeply committed to growing the skilled trade workforce and addressing our community’s needs. Many of the local businesses we insure employ skilled workers, who we protect in our role in minimizing workplace accidents. By ensuring local businesses are equipped to educate and safely train skilled workers, we further our mission of building safer workplaces and communities.

Courtesy of Work Safe, Texas


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