"From Bob's Cluttered Desk" Honored With Lexis Nexis Top Blog Designation

07 Nov, 2011 Bob Wilson

When I lumbered out of bed this morning in Las Vegas, I had no idea that I was suddenly "somebody". My first clue was an email from Safety National's Mark Walls, manager of the well known Work Comp Analysis Group on LinkedIn. It was a forward of a Lexis Nexis newsletter with a note that said "Congratulations!"

"For what?", I thought, as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. (OK, I confess to checking email as soon as I awake - a negative trait to be sure). As I followed the links in the email, I soon understood, and was honored and humbled to learn that Lexis Nexis had selected this little "place online for me to opine" as one of the Top 25 Workers' Compensation Blogs for 2011. Even more humbling, it was one of only five listed in the "National Blog" category.

I certainly want to thank Lexis Nexis editors and contributors for this honor. Not sure I deserve it, but I certainly do appreciate it.

I promise to remain my humble, lovable self, and will continue to churn out my special blend of incoherent babble. This won't change me. Really. Besides, my wife has promised to whack me in the shins with a stick every morning, as a constant reminder that I am still human, capable of feeling pain. But one thing will change. I am going to double - no triple - the subscription price for this blog. All those who shell out the current rate of $0 per year need to be prepared to send in triple that amount. 

Clearly, I am now worth every penny........

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