FlashForm SSL Released: Provides Automation For Workers’ Compensation Forms


Sarasota, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - With 53 legal jurisdictions, workers' compensation in the United States can be a complex and confusing myriad of rules, regulations and forms. The latter can be particularly vexing, as almost 3,000 forms exist to satisfy the various reporting requirements around the nation. WorkersCompensation.com today announced the release of its latest product, FlashForm SSL, designed to automate most of the form completion process for the industry.

"FlashForm SSL essentially allows insurance companies and software developers to integrate our library of 3,000 workers' comp forms into their claims management systems", says Robert Wilson, President of WorkersCompensation.com, LLC. "With the click of a button, an adjustor or claims manager using a FlashForm SSL enabled system will be able select and generate completed forms directly from their desktop". Wilson also notes that the system will save client companies much time, effort and money in areas other than the adjustor's desk. "Companies today spend an enormous amount of time and effort finding, recreating and updating relatively few forms for their systems currently in place", he says, "Using our system, which we continually maintain and update, those technical support resources can be reallocated".

WorkersCompensation.com has become the largest privately owned information source for the workers' compensation industry. Its collection of Type & Save enabled forms offered in its WorkCompResearch.com Professional Services Web site provide the basis for the FlashForm SSL Library. Robert Bennett, Vice President of New Product Development, and the man who oversaw the FlashForm SSL development team, said "We have an extensive collection of data for this industry. We are continually looking for new and innovative uses that can leverage these assets. The opportunities for FlashForm SSL are limitless."

FlashForm SSL essentially works by programming systems to send data in a simple yet secure method using Secure Sockets Layer technology. The encrypted data is posted to the proprietary FlashForm SSL system, and a PDF form containing all the submitted data is generated in real time. Bennett makes extra effort to emphasize the security of the system. He says, "The forms are generated in real time, with a form returned to the user in a secure environment. At no time does our system capture or hold any specific claim data."

Persons interested in learning more about FlashForm SSL can call the company at 866-927-COMP (2667) or visit the Web site http://www.workerscompensation.com.

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