Executives Viewing Diversity Training as Positive Satisifed With Careers

Managers and executives who see value in diversity training are more committed to their organizations and satisfied with their careers than those who view training to be ineffective, according to researchers from Canadas Ryerson University's Diversity Institute in Management and Technology.
Margaret Yap, the institute's director and an associate professor in the Ted Rogers School of Management, is lead author of the study, which studied executives perceptions of diversity training, their level of commitment to their companies and satisfaction with their careers. (WCxKit)
According to Yap, diversity training assists executives and managers in becoming more culturally attuned when working with employees from various ethnic backgrounds.
The researchers analyzed survey data collected between 2006 and 2007 from more than 11,000 managers, professionals and executives across Canada. The survey questioned participants regarding their work experiences and outcomes along with their organizations diversity practices.
Managers, professionals and executives who perceived diversity training in their organizations to be beneficial noted career satisfaction and organizational commitment scores 7 to 14 percent higher than those employed in organizations where diversity training is nonexistent or ineffective.
For companies to get the most bang for their buck in offering diversity training, its important that employees understand that the training is intended to help facilitate and enhance collaborative behaviors among todays diverse workforce,” stated Yap. “These collaborative behaviors will improve an organizations abilities to solve problems and increase productivity, innovation, creativity and morale.”
Yap cautioned, however, that diversity training must be made available in conjunction with other inclusive talent management practices like recruitment, rewards, development and advancement processes. “If not, its like trying to simultaneously go in two different directions. Incongruent policies create confusion in the workplace,” she added. (WCxKit)
The research paper, “The Relationship between Diversity Training, Organizational Commitment and Career Satisfaction,” was published in the sixth issue of the 2010 Journal of European Industrial Training.

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